Zhivago's night club Nottingham

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Nice pic, but absolute sacrilege and unadulterated vandalism in the extreme.

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It was Cranky,panto stars sometimes visited.

When I look at Cliffs photograph..I remember playing on the turntable and bombing down that ramp in my trolley, plastered with 'savings bug' stickers from Northern Rock..managed to lift a Nottm Vic sign..still has pride of place above the HiFi.

Very sad,looking at that pic..

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So it was to the left of the clock tower? I really thought it was further down Milton street. Not sure where I got that from . Never even noticed that ramp next to Irish pub.

I'd still like to know what's down there now!

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I recall very well Tiffanys. Bilborough College had some nights in that place*. It was indeed down some steps off to the right of the entrance. It was surprisingly cavernous.

*If anyone remembers the "In the Navy" pop mime it was absolutely nothing to do with me. I deny it completely. It was not me in the kilt.

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I went to most of the Nottingham clubs - but I always preferred Huchnall Welfare!

Susyshoes - didn't you find that the Welly had such a great buzz?

If you were there when Heatwave played then maybe you remember Katie Kookaburra (she used this surname as a joke - though some of the guys didn't get it).

I didn't realise at the time how significant this person would turn out to be - maybe a future post for that.

Katie was there with two friends - all three were D.D.G. and were getting male attention all night.

I think most of the Hucknall girls were a bit teed-off.

If I remember correctly a guy (Tony Spinks I think) came over to me raving about 'three girls not from Hucknall'.

A daft little memory - but it always makes me smile.

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Hi sallyshoes I loved the welfare , spent many a Wednesday and Friday night there. What's DDG? Lol and I don't remember katie kookaburra , not doing very well am I . Still trying to work out who you are as we must have both been at holgate grammar at the same time

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