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We don't have up to date mobiles to take instant photo's with, so you can imagine the chances of finding the camera, setting it up, getting as close as possible to the patio window and getting this li

Having a bit of a clearout at home & found a CD I had created in 2003 full of photo's that I had taken with my first digital camera, an Olympus E860, 1.3 MP ! Some of these photo's I had forgotte

A few photos from Strath Brora taken yesterday on a walk to visit the remains of an Iron Age fort.  (Fort photos to follow):   Carol Rock:     Footbridge over the Brora

3 minutes ago, trogg said:

I just love your photos, you have a talent for it.


Thank you Trogg!

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In the town of El Rocio. No paved streets, just sand:





At Church:













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These boots were made for walking - and dresses there were too!


1080_5eea9eb9-6e83-4fdc-92fe-c5b05be913e  1080_54a905be-4d24-4c12-bc26-c1cb07dfcd1




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Compo, these are the photos we love to see. To see the world from our own armchairs, and wishing we could see them in all their glory. They are really beautiful. The owl was magnificent, it looked like he was waiting for you to take the photo and to give you a smile. He also waved to you !

Enlarging the photo of the boots....69€ ?

In Spain?

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Thanks you all for the lovely comments, gang.



Nonna: The boots were in a shop in El Rocio, Andalucia, Spain.  not far from the provincial capital, Huelva.

Affer: Canon 760D DSLR and Sigma 18-200mm F3.5 lens.  Photos taken in RAW format. Bought it second-hand....been in Scotland so long that I've become too mean to buy a new one. Doesn't help having a Yorkshire father too. :)


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250ft high cliffs on the East Caithness coast at Ulbster. Taken last Thursday:



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