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  2. Sutton on Sea is as close as we get. Up with the lark today - Dovedale beckons. Have a peaceful day
  3. DJ360..I am not a Hi-fi buff, but have often wondered about using two DAC's, one, is built into my amp, with optical input and unlikely to have true bypass ,if such a thing exists at all, when it comes to Hi-Fi..thinking guitar pedals. Amp was in the £300 price nothing special. Using two DAC's does sound better to my ears but does, for me go against traditional principals!
  4. All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers
  5. Ben, I was lucky enough to see Derek Randall's innings in the Centenerary test the first year we came to Oz My first pick in the team would be Larwood to give 'em a bit of chin music. Then Boycott to make them earn their wickets not give them away Just seen the England "batting coach" interviewed on TV, he still thinks England can win! After that performance I wonder why he still has a job.
  6. I'm with you on that, John. Just seems like everybody here makes the biggest noise about Termites. From insurance companys to pest control companys seem to get really upset about them.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Dave, ALL ants swarm from piss ants to carpenter ants and all in between. I think Carpenter Ants are far more destructive than termites, probably because the ants are adults and huge at side of termites, 3/8" average size to almost 1/2". Termites are just small "ants".
  9. Let us know how you get on .
  10. OMG Fly, right on the doorstep and didn't give them a thought! I'll be down in the morning. Thanks.
  11. Bank Holiday anyone going?
  12. Anyone remember my Grandad Tony Rainbow, late 60s early 70s from the palais and penny farthing
  13. I think I feel a touch of the double entendre in Ben’s suggestions.
  14. I think that list says a lot more about Ben than about anything else
  15. If ya'all are fed up with the gloom Norf of the Migglunds I can always use help Dahn Sarf, at Sheffield park & garden, over the bank holiday. Allus can use extra help wiv the tourists.
  16. Nottstalgia's team to beat the Aussies,, Carni. Great solid opener,who can sing,, Sue B can be relied on in a crisis Jill. Will punish,anything out of line,, Nonna. Reliable on any surface Katy wont hesitate with full tosses Margie Captain and good allrounder Mary wicket keeper,,always appeals Annswabey great spinner,, Crankypig loves bowling googlies Moodycow unpredictable,, Lizzie,,fast and furious,, Reckon they'd scare them Aussies to death,,, lol
  17. Hi. I was there from 1958 until 1962, in Miss Machin’s class, in Marie Curie house.
  18. Oh LL, I'm a fair skinned Blondie. I don't think I would survive in that heat. 'English Rose' I like to think. Husband says he will agree with the English part. He will suffer. Hope you get your rain fall at the weekend and I your garden soon bounces back to life.
  19. Over here they call them Termites and they will eat your house if they get to the woodwork. New houses are sprayed before the sheetrock goes on. You have bait stations around the yard to kill 'em off. Have to keep all that current if you ever hope to sell your house. In the 90s again here. It's been that way for twenty days straight. I did my shopping and filled my tank. Now I'm staying in my air conditioned doghouse for the rest of the day. Rain is forecast this weekend. Sure hope so. I've about given up on my garden.
  20. I finished my tea and laid back in my recliner to drift off into oblivion. What a lovely day. Suddenly I felt a tickle on my arm and without looking, I just brushed the insect off. Back to oblivion, aaaah. Felt another tickle on my face. This time I looked and saw a flying ant. That's OK, one or two ants don't scare me. Feeling quite itchy by now, particularly on my legs and a little thought popped into my thoughts..........OH NO, Flying Ant Day. I'm covered in them. The lawn is alive. The lawn is like a 'Silver coloured life force of its own'. That's the end of my 'Basking' before it even began. Oh Hum! Has any one else got them today?
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