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    Just glanced in the front room? Batman here!
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    So we're not talking about 'guests' then? I see, for some reason a member logs in but can do so 'anonymously'? That means they can look at what others are reading if they wanted to (which a guest wouldn't)? Never knew this, can't see the point of it. What's the facility supposed to be there for?
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    I sometimes look at Nottstalgia without logging on too, and like you and many others TBI if there’s no topic I’m interested in I don’t bother logging in. That’s not the same as logging in Anonimously and sitting in the background watching. It’s just creepy.
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    Scroll down here a bit Ben. https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/6912-old-roads-around-basford/?page=6&tab=comments#comment-508778
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    TBI, this is what is being referred to. At the time I grabbed this screenshot there was no-one logged in as Anonymous, but sometimes that number can be as high as 4 or 5. It's different to being logged in as a Guest which is just someone who hasn't bothered to log in (could be a member, or just a passer-by who has never registered). Anonymous can only be a registered member, and is a conscious decision for whatever reason.
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    Perhaps it's me or I'm misunderstooding this, never thought about it. I drop in the site regularly and just scan down the unread comment looking for anything of interest. Unfortunately mostly there isn't but that's by the way. Often I don't bother logging in, I'm not on long, so I suppose I'd show as a guest. I'm not especially bothered about seeing what other folk are on at any given time or happen to be looking at, only what's been posted. I wouldn't expect anyone to be especially bothered whether I'm on at any particular time either. If I want to make a comment I'll log on for that session and log out when I've done, as I do on other forums. Being nosey?? Sad? Certainly nothing to gain.
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    The dogooders of this world have got a lot to answer for. Any offender these days is identified as having one syndrome or another to defend their behaviour by socalled experts. It might be better to get rid of the experts and reintroduce effective punishment for offenders to show them society means business. As Alf Garnett once observed " show them what living in a democracy is all about.....shoot the bu66ers who step out of line". If things are not taken severely in hand pdq it is going to be a very sad and dangerous place for the young kids of today to live in when they are adults.
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    Yes, but Michael McIntyre’s much worse.!
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    Looks like whoever re-coloured a b&w photo of the Square wasn't from Nottingham.
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    Back up the hill where the Bus just come from was the scrapyard,,still there i believe TBI,, Why does Les Newcombe ring a loud bell with me ?
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    Churchill Skip Hire and Les Newcombe i recall in these parts..and the Shoulder boozer of course.
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    It wasn't that funny first time round RR.
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    As they say, nowt so queer as folk. Nightynight.
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    No ! One has taken flight already..... Bleddy laughable !
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    Well we have Two Anon at the moment You know what, I’m off to bed, they’ll have one less to watch. Night night
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    Good question TBI. I can't see any point to it either.
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    Well we're getting somewhere.... Two anons have logged out in the last couple of minutes.
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    Bit of everything in this!nowt like a Thames pickup.
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    I think Craig R H is just playing a 'part', so people will have the opportunity to boo when he criticises the dancers.... Each member of the judges panel presents a different aspect. It just makes for good television, I reckon
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    I've been promising my wife a proper lunch out for some time and today was to be the day. We thought we'd go to look at the antique shops in Horncastle and stop somewhere on the way. I'd half thought about the Red Lion at Revesby which, while not exactly fine dining, does do a good pub lunch. However, whilst passing through Marham le Fen I spotted a chip shop which had a queue inside so it looked promising. £10.50 for two halibut and chips eaten in a lay-by down the road. Absolutely wonderful and so cheap for a lunch out! Just got to get rid of the smell from the car now. I know how to treat a girl!
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    I think there are some who have left the forum, for reasons best known to themselves, who still like to come back and have a peek. You know who you are!
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    They’re like nosey neighbours, peeking from behind the curtains. Sad really.
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    Ian I seem to remember that years ago was also something that happened in Arnold, I have it my mind that Wagga Hopewell of Needham Road had a tapped barrel from the Maid Marian on Coppice Road for a birthday party.
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