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  1. All done and dusted Bridie sorted me out.......Gave my ego a boost as well...she asked me if i would be a volunteer and speak to new Laryngectomees on a regular basis....apparently there's been a big increase in people having the Operation i had...I would have to go for some training to make sure i give em the right information....... Told her i'd be honoured and delighted to help....it would also motivate me too to get some sort of life back....Since my OP I must admit ive suffered emotionally.so it would also benefit myself.....i'd love to help people who are g
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  2. That is good news nonnaB From being almost normal here on Sunday and us planning to go to a country race meeting and stay overnight this weekend. No-one in the state is going anywhere. Unless you are an essential worker, only one person in the home is allowed out once per day to shop or go to the doctors or chemists, No other outside activity is allowed. Where you were at midnight last night is where you have to stay for the next six days. The only things open for the next six days are supermarkets, petrol stations, chemists, doctors surgeries and essential services such as wa
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  3. Got the Mother in law for Christmas, suppose it'll make a change from Turkey.
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  4. Thanks DavidW, I read that the treadmill had a wallchart so the 'honest" citizens outside could monitor the progress. My ancestor served six months and a whipping which is normally reserved for repeat offenders. His co accused had previous so guess he was tarred with the same brush, one 16, the other 15. Sounds like a cliche, but true, they stole a loaf of bread... In the 1850's the capacity was 80 men 10 women.
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  5. Good for you mate ... go for it. It will be an enormous help to others whilst giving you a real purpose...
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  6. Well done! Best of luck with that Ben. Will they give you a white coat to wear?
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  7. There's a note on our Ben's medical record: FEMALE CONSULTANTS ONLY. Whatever it is you've got, Ben, would make a fortune for you if you could bottle it!
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  8. Feel free to delete if not allowed and some of you I have on Facebook may already have seen this but the local Nottingham company I work for have launched an online website that customers can purchase through. They have kindly given us staff a discount code to use and share with friends and family which I'm posting here incase anyone needs any last minute Christmas gift ideas! https://ttkconfectionery.co.uk/ Code is MELISSA10 And free delivery over £20
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  9. And this one, Donovan's version of a Buffy Sainte-Marie classic
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