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  1. Your posts are just what the doctor ordered. Back home now, a little bit of me missing, but it's over. All went well and all of the staff at New Cross that dealt with me were the best, even down to the Anaesthetist, who had me holding an (unused sick hat, that looked like a grey Trilby) to my head whist counting down from ten. I don't know how far I got, thank goodness it's over. Thankyou for your birthday wishes, just got to recover now.x
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  2. Good news Carni. Made me wag me tail.
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  3. Well done Carni, lots of r and r and chocs for you now. Take care
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  4. Excellent news Carni, well done girl. We’ve all been thinking of you and you were talked about today in the Lime Kiln so next time you’d better be there else we’ll talk about you again! Well done for being brave x
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  5. So happy for you Carni. Pleased things went better than you thought they would. We all get nervous before operations. Enjoy all your cream cakes and choccies.
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  6. Pleased you’re back home carni and that all went well x
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  7. See! tode yer it wud be ok dinni..... Excellent news Carni...... Seems it's all coming together for other members too, new shoulders, knees and I'm having hearing aids. We should start a section on NS purely for the bionic
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