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  1. Had a walk around there last week, now is the time to go while its deserted.
  2. We've got 1 cat, at the moment it's staying in Doncaster with the mother in law to keep her company during lockdown. It loves it up there, it gets fed twice as much.
  3. Seem to remember Woolies on Radford road just further up the road from those gardens.
  4. Thanks for doing the quiz Mary.
  5. My hairs wavy, it's waving me goodbye.
  6. It's sometimes easier to change the wife.
  7. I saw you taking the photo.
  8. It's not often I wear a watch even though I've got a few nice ones. Even bought a very nice Polex in Turkey once. When I'm going to a place I'm not sure about or a rough area I definitely don't wear a watch.
  9. Give up the sundials Brew, stick to something else instead.
  10. 2kg is about 7 custard creams.
  11. Lost 5lb since lockdown, can't eat between meals when your being watched.
  12. This coronavirus thread is in danger of going into Lockdown.
  13. Does anyone know where this tower is in Hucknall that was mentioned in the news yesterday? It's just been grade 2 listed.
  14. Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming a father for the sixth time. Of course these figures only apply to babies born in hospital.
  15. 61 years ago today Forest won the FA cup.
  16. Beekay, you said earlier that Broad tours were closing, that sounds to me as they have cancelled. Ryanair fly over the east coast and give you a parachute.
  17. Go Go Girls, the ones I knew have all gone.
  18. If they have cancelled the holiday I would have thought they would return your money. Ryanair expect it will take 6 months to refund payments due to cancelled flights.
  19. I booked a cottage in Ireland for June. I decided to cancel it due to the virus and restaurants and pubs and other facilities being closed. I lost £100 deposit, I don't think I can claim on insurance.
  20. Also known as the Coopers, it's run by my niece Marie.
  21. They didn't have many styles, Boston, Tony Curtis, DA, or short back and sides.
  22. Could it have been the club on Greyhound street off King street?