Marooned with a Dansette.

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Ian, thanks for bending the rules, you should be careful though for suggesting such a thing, your post could get deleted LOL. I will take one of my Tamla Motown singles, it's my all time favourite.

If I were stranded on a desert island listening to most of the above, I would welcome a loaded revolver to put an end to it all. lol

Oh! I could go for that But in H.D. & slow motion

Do you mean the record player or the record-player. The latter, I had in mind. Would need to go out in a blaze of Wagner, though.

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This is the way to go, BW, there's no better way. Just pull the trigger at the climax.

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Night and Day Frank Sinatra

Pearl Fishers Duet (Bizet) Robert Merrill and Jussi Bjorling

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You Junior Walker and the All Stars

Girl from the North Country Joe Cocker and Leon Russell

When the Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin

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We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.... The Animals

Love in Vain......... The Rolling Stones

Whipping Post........ The Allman Brothers

Evil Woman.......... Spooky Tooth

Shadowplay......... Rory Gallagher

Loads more, my choices will probably change throughout the day depending on how I feel.

Just FYI. Love in Vain is a Robert Johnson song. :)

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As others have said, it'll change. And the thought of playing my precious vinyl on something so crude as a Dansette is scary.

But... Pavarotti at his best, singing with a choir of local chaps. First few bars had me thinking they were Welsh. Stunning stuff.

Next up would be Stardust. Nat 'King' Cole version. Utter perfection.

3. Ray Charles. I was honooured to see him live. Twice. Greatest single musician of the 20th C.

4. Top Motown song. Just A Little Misunderstanding. Contours.

5. Need a good full on blues... BB King 'Sweet Sixteen'


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Hi DJ, I know Love in Vain is a Robert Johnson song, but the Stones version is the one that i heart first.

In another topic, I've described how I came upon the Blues by first hearing the Stones, Animals, Pretty Things albums.

I liked what I heard and delved into the originals in a big way and never looked back.

Where would all of these 60's groups be without Johnson, Broonzy, Willie Dixon, Elmore James etc.

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FLY2 (#50), I agree entirely. I also found the Blues music from listening to the Rolling Stones. I bought all their records and found that there were some really good Blues recordings on their albums. I started reading about who their influences were and searched on the Internet for all these American Blues musicians. I'd pick a name and listen to every song that they'd recorded. I'd spend hours/days/weeks playing and searching for the great recordings that stood out, if I played 100 songs and downloaded 1 I'd be happy. The Rolling Stones, like many others, did the same thing and recorded their own version of the American Blues music. In my opinion the Rolling Stones have done a fantastic job with their version of songs like 'Little Red Rooster' and many, many more. There are many other musicians that did the same thing but I've just used the Rolling Stones as an example. There've been many exceptional British Blues musicians over the years and we all have our own choices.

DJ360, I'd just like to point out that if the British musicians hadn't done their own versions of the American Blues we'd probably never have heard of Howling Wolf, Elmore James and all the other American greats. I'd also like to state, DJ360, how much I've enjoyed your contribution to Nottstalgia since you joined us and I hope that there's much more to come.

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