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Most of the lads I went to school with had a nick name.......what was yours and how did you get it?

Mine was I was quite small for my age (made up for it since and am now 6' 8" tall ;) )

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Surprisingly, I didn't have one - in fact not many of my school friends did. One notable exception was a boy that arrived at our school in the 5th form (most of us had been there forever), and some unkind person said "he looks like Donald Duck" - well, it stuck and everybody, teachers too, called him Donald! To this day I bet there are old Long Eaton Grammar School pupils who do not know that was not his real name - nor do they know what his real name was (Michael)!

Most of the rest of the boys were referred to by their last name. I still find it strange that schools in the States use first names for both boys and girls!

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We had them all, Smiffy , Browny, Rocky, Ally, Smant, Peanut, Skelly, Faggsy, Hutcho, Scratch, fat b45t4rd, ,,,I bet you can't guess which one was me !!???

Out of all of them, Hutcho was by far the worst, conkers hanging out one pocket, marbles and catapult hanging out the other, snotters down his chin, dinner stains on his tie.

How he'd made headmaster was beyond me !!!

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Craggy or Craggster and Chisler for the last 44 years even from my gaffas , i did once pull a teacher up @ school parents evening when she refered to my daughter as Craggy.

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Welcome to N/N tabbyoddsocks 

Never mind about your nick name it could have been a lot worse,

I think (if I remember) the Crewcut came from the American marines.

At least you didn't have a Mohican hair cut.

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I never had a nick name but my son used to be called "Scaff" as when he was young he had braces on his teeth, and it looked like Scaffolding.


My grandson has got the nick name "penny"

don't ask.!!!!

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