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    So they say! I used to dance with my old black Lab in the two years I lived alone with him after my first wife died. Late afternoon there used to be a program on the radio called Disc Drive. They used to play a bit of everything fron jazz to Bach. I'd have it on while getting my supper ready. Solly would lay in his bed in the corner. For some reason the DJ seemed to like Poulenc and would often play some. I'd yell, "It's Poulenc, Sol." He'd come flying across the kitchen, jump up with his front paws in my hands and we'd dance. Good memories, still brings a tear.
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    This virus poses a risk to only a small minority of our population surely we can just protect the vulnerable without causing mass unemployment?
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    Miss Lizzie Marple Here's an earlier work me & my old man did with 3 tins of paint from Focus Do It All, we took it in turns holding the ladder, still got the brushes in turps in a old mug.
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    It's just over a week since contact with our friends that tested positive and we have no symptoms. Another pal who also had to isolate is OK too. So we may have got away with it
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    Just for you Jill, no other reason. How to paint stones...
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    Perhaps your dream is telling you that you need to get a dog instead of thinking about cats! Walking a dog is good exercise and good for meeting new people. Now that is a WOW
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    Did Banksy pay Nottingham a visit overnight? Quite a crowd their this morning, Ilkeston Road Radford.
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    Ask those with jobs at risk and they'll say lift the restrictions and let nature take it's course. Ask those of a certain age and at risk and they'll say damn the young, they only stand to lose a job, not their life, and in time will get over it. I agree with the idea RR but still can't see how we protect the vulnerable without making them prisoners.
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    Went in the SH today & was almost empty. Beer & fodder was good tho.
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    6. Bottle Lane was the Queen Elizabeth.
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    3/ Newmarket 9/ 8 bells
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    But can you dance with them?
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    I'll sort out one with 21 on it. I take you are 21 again next year, Den?
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    You need to get your timing right Mary it all about keep one drop one, song association, unfunny jokes & how your day, maybe late afternoon when they have all nodded off
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    My history of "Coke Cola" Saturday afternoons Skating at ice stadium break time bottle of ice cold coke 6d loved it. 1970s while living in South Africa a advert/ song about coke went like this I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company, I'd like to buy the world a coke, and live in harmony Can't remember any more, but it would be nice if all the world could live in harmony. At the time in SA we only had radio no such thing as a TV, not sure if this add for Coke Cola was every advitised in the UK. It would be interesting to hear the rest of the add.
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    He's gorgeous! A friend said to me recently that if I found a sabre toothed tiger sitting on my doorstep, I'd say it was cute and offer it a bowl of cat biscuits. Too right I would!
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    This one won't eat a lot either, just an occasional side of beef !
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-54518336 This photo has made my morning! As we all know, I'm potty about cats of all sizes, but this just sums up the way I feel about what we're doing to our world. Let's hope these beautiful creatures don't become things we don't see anymore.
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    I think it was clear why the Unis wanted all the students back, they are now not seats of learning , they are businesses. Once the students have started they pay the course fees and accommodation. When they are sent home they will not get any cash back. Am I a cynic or what? A better system would have been as Melissa stated let them study online at home , that way the Unis would still receive the course fees and next year, when hopefully the virus is under control, they could start at the Unis. But with most Universities building their own accommodation they need the money.
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