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  1. Thanks for posting that Mick, we've used hotel safes loads of times and never given it a second thought that they could be opened by someone else. Meks ya think!
  2. Perhaps the gate is locked now to stop the druggies and winos from congregating down there? I went to a burial in that same area (I think) about 10 years ago. My friend's father was put into the family vault, and they weren't paupers! The ancestor who had originally purchased the plot had lived in that white lodge house at the top of the Forest, on Mansfield Road. There are some amazing monuments and headstones in that cemetery, I think I'll take a walk around there again myself, better take my husband with me though, it's a bit creepy!
  3. Carni, it's published by the Evening Post and comes out about once a month, think it's 70p. There are often some very good articles in it, together with letters and old photos that people send in. It is possible that you could get a subscription I suppose because just looking at one I have here it states that it is 'registered as a newspaper with the Post Office'. You could contact them at Bygones, Nottingham Post, City Gate, Tollhouse Hill, Nottingham NG1 5 FS. The editor is Andy Smart, e.mail address DavidW had a letter printed a little while ago, he'd
  4. Isn't that so pathetic David?!! Really scraping the barrel to fill the pages. But Andy Smart wrote a good review of the Rod Stewart concert on Saturday night at the Arena. We were there and he was brilliant
  5. When my boys were little we had Woburn Safari Park on our doorstep and I took them there quite often, they loved the monkey enclosure most of all, with the monkeys jumping all over the car (and sometimes trying to rip the windscreen wipers off!!). I had a scary moment once though when my car conked out. Fortunately we weren't in the lion enclosure, but in the area where giraffes and camels were roaming about. There were no rangers about to help but I knew what the problem was with the car, a loose battery lead. I managed to fix it myself and we carried on through the park. The trouble with th
  6. I could never get the hang of the 'mushroom' tops, but was a dab-hand with the carrot variety. Your recollections of all the marble games reminded me of when we cut out holes in a shoe box and wrote numbers over the holes, aiming the marbles through to see who could get the highest score. Us kids were easily pleased in those days. I only ever had one doll (but did have a little pram for her) and one teddy. My Christmas pillowcase always contained a Rupert annual (well until I was about 8 I suppose!), a chocolate Santa and a selection box. I loved drawing and used to get crayons and colouring b
  7. A friend of ours has a farm where he's converted all his farm buildings into office space, and has a very nice little earner thankyou. He's got 3 massive solar power units in a field which rotate to follow the sun. He powers all the office units and his house with this solar power. It's cost him a fortune to install but he reckons he'll get the money back in a very short time as he installed it before the rate went down. He's also installed a heat pump in the field which gives him piping hot water to his house. We've never even considered solar panels on our house as we have too many big s
  8. Just wish I had the patience to work it out too! Got Photobucket installed but my brain can't get around the next challenge!
  9. Surely you need sun for solar panels to make power?
  10. Or at least get them on the Chinese 'One Child Policy'
  11. The brazen 'Romanian gypsy' I saw the other day with the child's pushchair full of scrap was back around our neighbourhood again today but this time he had his mate with him, they were walking opposite sides of the road, each of them had full pushchairs ....... Makes you wonder where they've picked it all up
  12. Sorry to Moz too ! Hope you had a good night, promise we'll be there to support you next time
  13. Babs, sorry we didn't turn up at The Lion tonight, something cropped up and then it got too late to get out.
  14. No idea Carni. Only knew him when I was a Sons of Adam groupie about 1965!!
  15. Pixie, that's OK, you know the guy. But it's the ones you don't know and never see that are the menace in our neighbourhoods
  16. On the subject of bins, my neighbour said there were 'Romanian gypsies' rifling through our bins this morning before they were emptied. The other day I followed a bloke (looked like a pikey) wandering around with a child's pushchair full of little bits of metal scrap. His eyes were everywhere and it didn't bother him that I was following him with my dog and watching his every move. After I passed him I turned around and saw him disappear up somebody's driveway. I assumed the owners were in the house because their car was on the drive but did feel guilty afterwards that I didn't report him.
  17. Welcome Grenuk and thanks for posting your memories of the Co-op bombing, really interesting.
  18. Think we'll be there to listen to you Moz. Looking fwd to this weekend, MozMicDawn on Friday and Mr Stewart at the Arena on Saturday.
  19. Haha! He was absolutely intent on enjoying his 3 yrs there and drinking too much but he did come out with flying colours and with liver intact.
  20. When my son was in a student house in Loughborough they had a card meter, think they had to go and top up the card at a local shop. Quite often the lads forgot to do this and ended up with no electricity. My son got up in the middle of the night before an exam to do some 'cramming' and finding the lights didn't work he got a chair and went out and sat under a streetlamp to revise!
  21. Your own fault, never cast a clout til May is out