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  1. It's just been announced that Barrow are National league champions and Notts County will be in the playoffs for a place in league football.
  2. Nottingham Heritage vehicles is on Portland road Hucknall. It's mostly NCT buses, take a look at their web site.
  3. We were told to cough into our elbows, those that went out and bought toilet rolls don't know their ar5e from their elbow.
  4. What happens on tour stays on tour.
  5. I was dragged in from the garden when a photographer knocked on the door offering to take professional photos, I never won any beauty contests.
  6. Still got the dirty knees.
  7. Correct, Mellisa wins the prize for being first.
  8. I checked that out on my calculator and it is correct Phil.
  9. Don't drink brake fluid, you might not be able to stop properly.
  10. I have been to Thiepval Memmorial in France, it is very sombre.
  11. When I worked on the buses, first shift started at 04.15 and finished at 11.30 AM, very nice especially in summer.
  12. Crikey, That was a long way from the screen Liz.
  13. I went to the cinema to see this but could only see a little silhouetto of a man.
  14. The shortest sentence is "I am" The longest sentence is " I do"
  15. Beekay, you don't have to say anything but it may harm your defence if there is something which you later rely on at the next meet up.
  16. Top one is in Bulwell, think it's council offices, commercial road.
  17. Top one is Eastcroft on London road.
  18. Castle boulevard Radford Boulevard
  19. The pub on Birkin avenue, was it the Avenue?
  20. 1 Birkin avenue 2 Wollaton hall
  21. It's the same with Direct line. They send you a renewal, you compare it online with them and save £50.