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And a pretty version... :tongue:


It would seem from the plans that the architect was aware that hefty pillars would be necessary from the cellar level to support the building.I would have thought any cave systems would have been found before building,and filled in.


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I don't think we've had a photo here of Fothergill's Albert Hall. The main central tower is more than slightly similar to the Black Boy.

With so many of the Black Boy Hotel photos missing, due to Photobucket, I thought I'd post this article from the Nottingham Post today. There are some good photos of the Black Boy Hotel that

On Ebay at moment photo of interior showing part of the former Black Boy Hotel

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Never seen any photographs of the inside.

BTW one of my uncles had his wedding reception there (1963ish)

The woman he married's father was "well off" the marriage did not last long though.

The guy who designed the building that replaced The Black Boy had his guide dog savage him to death ;)

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REBUILD IT, that's what I say; knock down 'the block' that replaced the Gothic masterpiece that the 'Black Boy' was.

While we are at it can we have the Victoria Station & Drury Hill back Too ;)

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We went to a wedding reception there when I was very young. I was about 7 or 8 I think. There maybe some photos which show the interior. I'll ask and see if there are.

New member here, rummaging around and finding various interesting old threads...

I remember a family meal at the Black Boy, with my dad having crêpes suzette, flambé'd on a trolley next to the table. Dead posh! I still have some memory of the atmosphere, the thick carpet, the dark wood tables...

I also recall - either on that occasion or another - leaving my model of Thunderbird 2 in there under a chair and us having to go back to retrieve it... :blush:

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I remember this beautiful place,when I was a child in the fifties you had Arrived if you could eat there.From my mums stories and my auntie who is in her nineties now ,during the war it really saw some action.

They were both nurses at The General Hospital, the great and the good had some very memorable dances etc there and some interesting trysts.

Like all buildings if only the walls could have talked.

Now in exile in Yorkshire I have not been into town since the late 1970s.

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The first time I saw the Black Boy it was obvious that it was a hotel, there were lots of young women chamber maids sitting on the very topmost window sills laughing and waving to the people down in the street. Looked like a lot of merry sparrows. And interestingly it had for a long time a woman as manager.

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The Black Boy and The Corner Pin? on Clumber Street were the first places I visited when I came to Nottingham in 1967. Even then it was rumoured to be 3 girls to every one bloke. A good place to be as a student.

The Black Boy was world famous even being mentioned in the movies. Such a shame it was demolished.

Our Hall of Residence was Silverwood Hall on Imperial Road Beeston and our local was the Hop Pole on the High Street.

Funny how its the names of the pubs that you remember most!!!

One Christmas one of our students was given £100 by his father with the message buy some drinks for your mates. I can remember, having 9 rum and blacks and two pints of larger before returning to Silverwood Hall for an impromptu game of footy on the grass there having a bite in the hall then going to the Hop Pole for night caps.

Quite a day.

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Fancy demolishing a classic building like that and replacing it with a concrete block!!

Those responsible should be exhumed...shot...then reburied with Ian Brady and Huntley as a parting gesture.

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I've had all the books on the subject from the local studies library. Even found out about ones no longer with us like the Albert Hall and terraced houses on Arkwright Street, buildings in Radford and on Gregory boulevard. Did you know the is a Fothergill designed top floor on a TC Hine Building in the Park Estate.

I also had a Newsletter from a guy in Mansfield detailing all the Fothergill buildings there that have gone or are 'maybes'.

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These are some of the Fothergill buildings I know about that have been demolished

Fothergill Family Home 7 Mapperley Road, Nottingha

Black Boy Hotel Long Row, Nottingham

St. Nicholas' Rectory Castle Gate, Nottingham

Albert Hall East Circus Street, Nottingham

The Congregational Church, West Gate, Mansfield

Emmanuel Church, Woodborough Road, Nottingham

A J Wooton warehouse on Pilcher Gate

Warehouses for Messrs. Tipton & Son ( Fancy Box Manufacturers ) on Hounds Gate, Nottingha

Corporation Buildings - a block of 40 houses built in Basford

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There are lots more Ken. Less famous buildings like those terraces on Arkwright Street. There were things like small extensions to such as the old Westminster Abbey at St. Annes. Others include the banks at Long Eaton and Newark, which are still there. Then there was the Gasworks building at Old Basford. Because registering buildings was different in those days there are many which may or may not be, and others in similar neo-gothic design which was much Fothergill's trade mark, but which are DEFINITELY not.

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On 08/04/2015 at 9:14 PM, Bubblewrap said:

The reason The Albert Hall was demolished was It caught fire & was nearly burnt out.

I don't think we've had a photo here of Fothergill's Albert Hall. The main central tower is more than slightly similar to the Black Boy.


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