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    WHY do we have eyebrows? What useful purpose are they? The older we get the worse they look. In old men they can look like caterpillars on steroids. In old ladies, they migrate south only to sprout out of the chin.
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    We have had a very long day today taking a neighbour to Wales, near Swansea, to visit a sick friend. We left W-ton at 8.30am and didn't get home until 9.30pm, so understandably wackoed. We called into one of the Motorway stops for a drink on the outward journey, and as we were getting out of our car, front and back passenger doors opening at the same time, as my friend and I were leaving the car a man bustled through us, between the parked cars, eyes forward as we brushed past each other, no excuse me or acknowledgement of the tight space we were in, just bustled past carrying his hot drink. Philip Serrel from Antiques Roadshow. Obviously didn't want to be recognised but all the same quite rude. Message to Philip....If you don't want to encounter the public, why park your car such a distance from the building, that you have to walk among us hoping not to be recognised.You used to be one of my favourites! Apologise, I just realised the thread title is about meeting famous people in Nottingham not enroute to Wales.OOPS
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    Aaaaahh.. It all transports me to a time of Black and White telly, coal fires and foggy Saturday afternoons in November. Kent Walton. Mick McManus, seeming almost normal alongside the likes of Adrian Street, Kendo Nagasaki and the rest. Forearm Smash, Irish Whip, Half Nelson, Body Slam..... As I recall, they also used to show Ten Pin Bowling... It all makes Golf seem almost exciting...
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    His wife was a great exponent of equally silly hats. She wore two absolute corkers when giving out prizes at The Manning speech day at the Albert Hall in the early 70s. She made Carmen Miranda look under dressed!
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    Ive got wavy hair, It's waving me goodbye.
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    I think they evolved to keep the rain and sweat out of our eyes. The older you get the faster they seem to grow!
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    Happy anniversary, enjoy your second honeymoon
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    I used to watch the wrestling on World Of Sport, it was on from 4 - 5pm on Saturday. My mum used to love Les Kennet, if my dad came in while we were watching it he used to say it was rubbish. One of my uncles was in the dressing room and heard the wrestlers going through what was going to happen in their match. For my sins I watch WWE, even been to a couple of the live shows over here (had a thing about Kevin Nash, Big Daddy Cool, a gorgeous 7’ hunk with the most perfect pecs I have ever seen, even better in the live shows!). I went with 2 friends who had never seen it, after the show finished they wanted to know when they were coming back again so we could go again. One memory that sticks with me is taking my friends grandsons, one of them loved the Undertaker. We didn’t tell him that he was appearing in the show. The expression on his face when his entrance music started is something I will never forget. It always makes me laugh when people say “you know it is fake” ..... no really ..... would never have guessed!
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    Hi Beekay it was great reading about the wrestlers of days gone by,you said you could not remember who his partner was i believe it was Vic Faulkner.In 1965 when i was stockcar racing at Long Eaton they presented the trophy to the winner of Grand Final.I think they were a tag team.
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    Bit late, just found this topic. I used to go to Wrestling at Vic Baths. Along with some mates we used to stand on the balcony. (Cheap Option). On the way in always asked for "Next weeks Bill". (The bouts coming on following week in poster form) A good poster for sticking on your bedroom wall. If asked why you would reply "for my Grandma's Shop". Eventually the regular bloke on the door would be save one for me. Good move, if "Next Weeks bill had some top named bouts on e.g Jackie Pallo, Bert Royal and his Bro' etc. etc they would hard to get hold of. Remember one Thursday night when the Beatles were at the Odeon in town, Ted Beresford, the Promoter/MC (Little bald headed bloke in a DJ) made all his announcements wearing a Beatle wig. Saw a post somewhere in Nostalgia re Billy Two Rivers(BTR) getting carried out of the ring. Not sure who his opponent was, First round, BTR was continually being thrown into the corner post (Scripted?) but he went down after his back made contact with the post for the umpteenth time, eventually being carried out by St Johns. Made for a short evening as he was the Bill topper. Leon Arras, from Barnsley, was a regular. Turned out he was Brian Glover the actor. (Amongst other parts he played the Sports master in the film KES). A few odd characters, Ricky Starr, the wrestling ballet dancer. A wrestling Vicar from South Africa. (Can't remember his name) Zando Zarbo billed as the Afro hair styled Wild Man of Borneo, probably another scrap merchant from Sheffield, Akmed the Turk. Some other names. Ian Campbell, Johnny Eagles, Les Kellet, Zebra Kid., Billy Howes, Steve Logan, Johnny Kwango. Masambula, Joe Critchley. I'll have to dig my old autograph book out for more names. Jackie Pallo's in there. Enjoyable entertainment at the time. When you are 16.
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    It's my wedding anniversary, one year today. Off to Kraków for a few days.
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    You really know how to live life in the fast lane don't you SG. Should've took the dogs a walk yourself and asked your relative to clean house and fix bathroom fittings !
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    I had a relative ask if they could take my boys out this morning as they were going walking with a friend and as I had things I wanted to do said yes. They arrived, got backpack sorted (water for boys, poo bags etc) and off they went. Boys went out quite eagerly without a backward glance, puts my role into perspective! Got loads done. Hoovered carpets without hairs appearing when I turned my back, washed floors downstairs without having doggie footprints all over them whilst they were still wet. Cleaned upstairs, battled with a hanging bag in the shower to put shower gel etc in, still can’t get the stupid thing to stick, so just cleaned the bathroom instead. Sorted out a few boxes (still have quite a few from the move last August that I haven’t emptied, need more storage), looked through some photographs I found. Finally finished, made myself a drink and suddenly realised how quiet and empty the house felt. Then they came back, waggie tails and tired, water bowls attacked and water dribbled all over my clean floors, hairs on my clean carpet. Lots of fussing and vocalisation about their walk. Relatives left, boys settled with me in kitchen, things back to normal. Heaven
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    So the man was in the army and his excuse was he didn't know the gun was .....................loaded. Yer right I believe you
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