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  1. Benjamin, There is not a lot of distance between Hucknall and Bulwell now, there seems to be a lot of housing being built in and around Hucknall at the minute. I heard that Hucknalls football club is meant to be moving, only across the road, so that they can build house on that site, I don't know how true it is. A while ago I mentioned that Hucknall and Watnall would get closer together, and it looks like that is happening as well. They have built some houses on Wighay road, so Hucknall is also getting closer to Linby. Looks like Hucknall is intent on taking over everywhere.
  2. Benjamin I see those trees most days, coming down Winchester street from Woodborough road. Surprised that nothing has been done with the old school site.
  3. I have seen newer lorries in worst condition. Nice to see an old lorry still earning.
  4. If you search for Larvin on this site there has been quite a few mentions of Ray.
  5. The red cross building has gone as well as the red cow.
  6. Regarding costa coffee shops, the 1 in Eastwood didn't last very long.
  7. That is spot on, the buildings to the left on the first photo was Hattersley Heaton, they made valves for industry, I think they went in the early 90's.
  8. was Wilson ford on park lane at Basford? don't remember j jones.
  9. the bond bug had a Hillman imp engine.
  10. Just been told that Heanor Haulage are getting rid of the heavy side of the business.
  11. #114, I think the pub was roughly where Ruby paddocks is now, the stone wall on the right of the picture is possibly part of the cottage at the top of Greens lane.
  12. Fogrider, I don't remember seeing any photos of that building, was Stirlands involved with it? The book although being a proper book, looks like a home made jobbie. I will have a look at it over the weekend, and see if there is any relevant info. If you are interested I could probably scan the pages and e-mail them to you. Some of the photos and illustrations look like they have been photocopied, so the quality is not the best.
  13. Chulla. could it be the old lenton station that would have been very close to the personnel office, and the leen ran very close to it.
  14. The frontage on lenton boulevard was raleighs offices, the personnel office looks like it was on faraday road, I cant remember seeing that sign.
  15. That picture looks to be a lot older than the film. looking at the picture it vaguely looks like the alms houses near to QMC, I know that the river leen runs close by so I wonder if there was an older bridge there before the QMC was built.
  16. The Falkirk wheel has a local connection, it was made by Butterley engineering at Ripley.
  17. taxi ray


    Been passed Beechdale baths today, it is half demolished, last chance to get a few photos before it is all gone.
  18. I drove along Watnall road from Hucknall towards Kimberley today, I noticed that the sign for Watnall is the Hucknall side of the motorway, so I would assume that part of the development is going to be part of Broxtowe councils area. I would imagine that there will be plans to build on the old Moorgreen showground, so taking Watnall closer to Hucknall.
  19. It seems strange that someone would be interested in buying either club, yet both will have new owners in a couple of weeks. Lets hope that they have deep pockets, as both clubs need a lot of money spending on them.
  20. There is some old photos of the Meadows on the post website today.
  21. Planning was given for this building in 2008. planning has been applied for conversion into 15 flats.
  22. #132 that building was built as offices, I don't think they were ever used, I noticed last week that is up for sale.
  23. I can remember the zephyr mk 3 and 4 but not the 1 or 2, dad had a mk 4, big old thing, bench seat, column change, v6. Must have drunk petrol.
  24. I lived on Kings meadows road in the early 70s, I can remember tanks travelling on the road, it was only 1 or 2 at a time, never took much notice at the time. The thing I remember about the gun factory was the sheer amount of people that seemed to work there, all passing the house every day.
  25. Documentary on st anns, I dont think that we were much richer,