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  1. One egg laid yesterday morning Beefy, hopefully more to come. I've been watching the webcam from Miami !
  2. That's interesting, Sandfield Road was called Hicklings Lane. How long ago would that be Cliff? Stu, Thanks for the Jonah's article, my memory isn't too bad after all.
  3. Love that map Cliff, the new estate where we moved to was originally called Hill Farm Estate, and there's Hill Farm on the map! Thanks.
  4. Yes Stu, you're right. I remember a railway bridge going over Thackeray's Lane but can't remember Daybrook Station at all. The line went under Arno Vale Rd and then along to this scary tunnel. From there I have no idea where it would have gone and us kids weren't brave enough to find out!
  5. When we lived in Netherfield I don't remember venturing too far from home, other than hopping over the dyke which ran at the bottom of our garden and going up to the Burton Road playing fields, but we did used to build dens and dams in the dyke. Seemed to spend a lot of time playing marbles, hop scotch, whip n top and skipping! At the age of 8 we moved to a new house in Arnold which was surrounded by a building site. I was just about the only girl up there so had to play with the boys and became pretty good at football and cricket! We'd play on the building site, climbing scaffolding, until t
  6. Stu, I believe the row of houses was demolished in 1963/64
  7. It was before 1966, that's when I left school, and I know my friend moved up to Bestwood before then.
  8. A friend of mine lived in a terraced house between The Ram and Wagon &Horses
  9. Hi Stu, wish you were here, it beats Skeggy. Bryan
  10. Right now I'm sitting with my husband in Denny's restaurant, Kings Highway, Ft Pierce, Florida. Opposite us at the table is Mudgie49 and his lovely wife Denice.
  11. Wonder if I'm eligible ...... I went to see Santa there for a few years, got the photos to prove it. :-)
  12. Ok you can take the girl out of Arnold but you can't take Arnold out of the girl ...... I do have to have a slice of white bread and butter to soak up the minty gravy after a roast lamb dinner!
  13. Systema, it took me years to wean my Dad off bread and butter with fish n chips. Think it was all to do with the war years and shortage of food ....... They needed to fill up on bread, must have been really hard and I'm so glad I was born after the war, although I'd be happy living on sandwiches!
  14. Lucky you Jackson, I worked all day on a Saturday in a hardware shop, selling paint, paraffin and bundles of firewood, amongst other stuff, and got a £1 for my efforts. 10 bob of that went on paying for my full length leather coat on the knock!
  15. Back in the 50's treats were rare, there was still sweet rationing when I was little but every Thursday, Dad's pay-day, he brought home a Mars bar each for my brother and me (and like Compo's they were cut into slices to make them last longer) and a Cadburys Dairy Milk for Mum. Only had fizzy drinks if we sat in a pub garden in the summer, always got a packet of Smiths crisps with the blue twist of salt too. We'd occasionally get an ice-cream if Mr Whippy came round, but the seaside was the place for ice-cream, summers were always hot then .........weren't they??
  16. Did anyone hear him talking to John Holmes on BBC Radio Nottingham one Sunday morning a few months ago? It was so good to listen to him, I imagine the interview could be played back again now, as a tribute.
  17. Well done Babs, I really enjoy reading your posts and am very impressed with your memory!
  18. That was well spotted Limey! I've used a typewriter, word processor and now computers for nearly 50 yrs and there has always been a QWERTY keyboard. The US laptop we have was confusing to begin with, the @ is on uppercase 2 but other than that there is no difference.
  19. In the past we've had squirrels digging up bulbs and plants we've put in tubs, but that's been in daylight, cos we've seen them do it. Why don't you get a basic CCTV set up? Alright for me to talk ....... we've had one still in a box for over a year now!
  20. I remember the name Little Eric but that's all. The Polish Club was where I first got drunk, on Barley Wine!! Dreadful stuff, and never touched it again! Would have probably gone to the Motown Night in March but will be in Florida and hopefully meeting up with Mudgie. I had the best times down the Dungeon in 65' 66 and 67 but doubt I would recognise anyone from those days now! Have a great night.
  21. We were there too Babs, had a hike around Chatsworth and along the Derwent. Gorgeous day once the fog lifted but the roadworks and temporary traffic lights were a real pain. We came back another way and did the journey in half the time :-)
  22. That's something I've done too but decided it's often not worth the walk to the postbox because the junk mail still keeps coming.
  23. For years a friend of ours always used pre-paid envelopes, those that come with junk mail. He just put a sticker over the address that was printed on them and re-addressed. He may still be doing this, I don't know!
  24. Why would that lot try to infiltrate our select club though? Are they selling Viagra etc?!!!