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    Some superheroes don't wear capes, they wear medals, what a legend, I salute you Sir.
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    Shush! ......... Captain Moore's 100th Birthday is not for another 2 weeks 30th April, wonder if our Queen could give Tom a knighthood while delivering his card, no why wait give it him today? Arise Sir Tom.
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    Whoops. I should have said 'On the 30th'. But he is well deserving of a congratulations today and on the 30th. If anyone deserves a Knighthood it is Captain Tom Moore. I hope he gets one.
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    Well done captain, and wishing you a very happy birthday. You have done more in the last couple of days than the government has done in weeks!!.
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    I couldn't agree more. Well done and Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom Moore.
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    Hi I worked at B&P straight from school 1966 to 1969 up in the office as stock records clerk. I remember Chris on the switchboard, Ray the pay Doreen his secretary. Anyone remember the wages robbery, cash taken from Rays office whilst he was at lunch. I remember Dave Padgett in the office and his girlfriend Rosie. Also Ralph Baker buying his son a Minicooper for his 21at only for him to right it off on the first time out. I played for the football team on Thursday first game against Coop Butchers (real team) and played against Forest Colts who included Duncan Mackenzie, Graham Collier in their team. Happy days eh
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    If your friend looks at the photo posted by Mess on November 1st 2012, there's a photo of the Elizabethan Rooms, which might help...... https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/12038-co-op-parliament-street/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-141145
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    I only mentioned the Co-op as a general suggestion because I couldn't remember if they had any kind of restaurant there at all. I'd forgotten about the Elizabethan Rooms which get several mentions in this old thread. https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/12038-co-op-parliament-street/
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    As an alternative....was there a restaurant in the old Co-Op building ? It would fit the same location description.
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    The Albany restaurant and carvery possibly. Used to take the kids for Sunday lunch way back. Good value and extensive views.
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    So much better than clapping for the NHS I think
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    Just thinking about it, might have to go easy here, if he gets too much, i can see the government using any surplus going towards the bloody HS2 project!!
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    Any one on here know how to put the captain forward for a knighthood or medal ? I'll go along with whatever is suggested.
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    Highlight of the day getting an Asda order and an Iceland order after much trying. Bit like buses none at all and then two arrive together. A big thank you to retail staff and delivery drivers who make this possible may you all stay safe and well. Heroes all! Must admit it was exciting getting the deliveries brightened up another day stuck in!
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    I saw this when he first started his laps and made a donation. I stand in awe of both him and all those who have contributed to make this amazing total. The generosity of the British public never ceases to amaze me when they do things like this especially at a time of such uncertainty and when many are struggling. As to the politicians the phrase lions led by donkeys comes to mind. Happy birthday Captain Tom and many happy returns.
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    Twelve and half million quid, hey Waddo. The old boy done good or what! Happy Birthday Capn ' Tom.
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    Hi anybody on here worked at Baker And Plumb or shopped there on a regular basis. I worked there straight from school for two years. Started 1965 to 1967 and worked in the office which was based on the upper floor through a door which was just off the main furniture showroom. I worked In stock control and everybody else in the office were a lot older than me but there were some right characters. I worked opposite a lady called Lottie who had a cigarette permanently in her mouth and never drew down on it therefore having an inch or more of ash all the time. There was a guy whose name escapes me now but would suddenly burst into song without any warning. The wages guy we called "Ray The Pay" and he would stand at the office door on a Friday ( pay day) and literally throw your pay packet towards you and if you didn't catch it it would invariably split and then you would have to go scrambling under desks to collect your coinage. I remember a new girl starting on the switchboard and bearing in mind it was the 60's and mini skirts were in fashion she refused to work in an office of mainly men unless they put a modesty board in front of her desk. Happy days.
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    Hi Geoff , Looks like we were there at the same time as per my original post . I knocked about with Dave Padgett for a while out of work and we went out as a foursome me with Rosie's mate. Dave had a grey mini and his mum and dad had a shop in Basford. I don't recall you though Geoff so we might have just missed working together. I also played football for them in The Thursday League . What is your surname Geoff.
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    Thanks for the jnfo. Nice guy, always had a joke when he called. Once met never forgotten. Or as my Mum would say 'He has me in fits every time he calls'. That was repeated every time he called to who ever was in earshot. Had no idea what being 'in fits" was.
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    Thank you to everybody that has taken the time and effort to over their condolences. It is a source of great strength to the family and will help us to move forward, as Dad would have wanted.
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    A photo of the canal in use, no idea of the date. the gate House of Wolaton Hall in the back ground.
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    Hi Dennis, I remember now it was Ken Stout and his wife Doreen was an accounts clerk I think. I seem to remember another driver I think his name was Barry Hoggard a big guy with curly blonde hair and I think he had a brother who was a driver or who worked in the warehouse.....it was a long while ago and my memory is fading fast I can remember the Baker brothers though all as different as chalk and cheese. Len was the oldest one and was the MD Charlie was in charge of the carpet dept and always had a fag on the go and instead of tapping it to get rid of the ash he would just blow it off with the fag still in his mouth and he would finish up with with ash all down hid lapels on his jacket....I don't know what the customers thought of that. Then there was Ralph the youngest and he was in charge of the furniture dept. I recall many a time a full blown argument going off in the shop when the brothers didn't agree on something again right in front of customers.
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    Hi Dennis is your surname Stout and are you married to Doreen who worked there also? I remember when a big delivery came in they used to ask me to help to unload the lorries and I can remember struggling up those narrow back stairs trying to balance a single divan mattress. I used to like Thursday afternoons playing football for them in the Thursday league all travelling in the back of one of the lorries getting thrown about all over the place.
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    Hi Dave 48, I also Worked for Baker & Plumb, between 1961- 1963, as a Driver delivering furniture . We used to load at the back on woolaton st and our Garage was on Percy st, Basford. Had some great moment while delivering, especially down the meadows area. some of our runs used to take us to the east coast,Sked,Mablethorpe, Chaple, etc,but that only once a month, the rest was local. It was surprising were folk came from to buy goods ( cash only store). over all it was not a bad job, but the wage,s was rubbish. Dennis..
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