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    Some have something to say,some have to say something Rog
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    Look at any threads which started in the early days (2005 +) and they are full of posts from people who are no longer contributing. It's like another world. We know some have passed away, but others - even if they were prolific 9-10 years ago - have stopped visiting and/or posting. Some have more stamina - and tolerance - than others.
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    In cuckoo land it is possible,in the real world is a different matter, Rog
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    I see Paulus every 2 or 3 months as he comes up from Kent for the Dungeon Club Reunion meet-ups, he’s well. Mudgie48 has been suffering from very poor health in recent years but I spoke to him on his 70th Birthday last month. He’s a history buff and doesn’t find much of interest on this site anymore. NewBasfordLad passed away suddenly last summer, very sad. I noticed Stephen Ford was logged on a few weeks ago Trevor S’s wife was poorly around the time he stopped posting. Hope he’s ok. No idea about the others.
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    Reminds me of the other strange fact..........if you want to get rid of a tree you chop it down. When you've chopped it down, you chop it up.
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    So climate change protesters are clogging up our roads, they want the UK to have zero CO2 emissions by 2025. How is this possible? We'd have no gas central heating, no petrol or diesel vehicles, only solar, nuclear & wind generated electricity. Cant ever see us being CO2 neutral by 2025 or many decade's after...
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    There is a time and place. A stencil on a wall by a wannabe Banksy is not it..
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    There has been a similar article in the Guardian. I bet DJ reads that!
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    Merthyr Imp, Bubblewrap, Sussex Red ?
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    Noticed Stan was logged in the other morning & not posted for 11 years? Ayup @Stan
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    Acceptable graffiti ? Rog
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    Daily Mail? Must be true then.
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    I often used to wonder why they sold maggots in pints, I know you could not count them out but you could weigh them so why come up with a pint or was it just a readily available volumetric measure
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    Using the "back in time" feature on Streetview, this is the same location a few years apart. Is it Beechwood in the old photo ?
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    Recently bought the Five Classic Albums set, which contains Scott 1-4 plus one other on CT's recommendation. Just haven't had time to give them a whirl yet.
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    I think I was away when Scott Walker died. I can't say I really bought into his later stuff.. but his voice was magnificent on those 60s hits and on his solo albums Scott 1 to Scott 4. Worth saying that the Walker Bros version of 'Make It Easy on Yourself' was a virtual note for note version of Jerry Butler's 1963 hit. I love both, for different reasons. The Walker's is great pop. Jerry's original is acheingly soulful and real. And in the context of early 60s soul... I get very very nostalgic around this music and could go on all night... Just be thankful I don't.......
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    Also from the quaint little shop in Clifton Village
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    Trike all cleaned using Meguiars waterless wash and wax cleaner, ready now for a few miles tomorrow Rog
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    Is Newark trying to keep up with Notre Dame? big fire there this morning,somewhere near the Kelham island, Scrap yard,Sugar beet factory,Rugby club area No news on the BBC as yet Rog
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    My paternal grandfather, Ted Sparrow, worked at the ROF during WW2. He'd done his fighting in WW1 and rather enjoyed fraternising with the ATS girls at Chilwell, much to his wife's disgust. Precisely what he did there I'm not sure but it was not infrequently that a car would draw up at his house in the middle of the night to take him back to the ROF. He thought that rather grand. It made him feel important. It also woke up my grandmother, the irascible Kate, which was only a good idea if you were tired of living! Kate had worked at Chilwell during WW1 and was playing hookey on the night of the explosion! She had sloped off to meet Ted, who was home on leave so, in a sense he saved her life. He just didn't realise that she would spend the rest of it making his a misery! They went to The Palace cinema in Beeston where part way through the film, most of the ceiling fell in!
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    He was probably doing his apprenticeship the same time as my Dad who was born December 1921. My Dad finished his apprenticeship in December 1942 and joined the RAF and then went back to ROF after the war, spending the rest of his working life in the factory, and hating every minute of it
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    Had a stroll around memory lane just now,,,,,IE Bulwell Hall Park.........First time must have been about 1950 pic-nic with Mam and Dad,,,then regular with me school mates all thru the 50s on our bikes tearing thru the Woods. Teenage years playing football for different Bulwell teams,,not forgetting lots of ''Courting '' with Christine 'B' from Andover road,,,Margaret ''H'' from Brooklyn road,,,don't know what year it was but purchased the same shirt 'Cliff' wore in 'Expresso Bongo'' to meet Angela 'J' outside the Adelphi,,she turned up with her younger Sister,, 'Tut' so it was just a nice walk round the Park. Then from the 70s to the 90s,,took all my kids there,,sometimes on Bikes sometimes walking Dads dog Benji'''......All good memories that came 'tumbling back tonight,,,even names apart from girls..........such as big Sid,,ex Marsdens chap,,not seen him for more than 30 years,,,school pals from Bestwood........Harry Fewkes,,Nev Olpin,,Alan Milward,,Kenny Gray,,Trevor Alcock,, then old mates from BRSA Bulwell football team,,Billy Mathews,, Steve Ashdown,,Paul Hammond,,Colin Turner,,John Turner,,Jed Sanders,,.........eeh this reminising (sp) gets me down.......i'll shurrup now'''''''''''''''
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    Years ago my youngest son lost his wallet on the way home from the pub along a country lane. He never told us, he knew he’d get a good telling off from his Mum! It must have been about 2 years after losing it, he was overseas working and I took a phone call from the local Police Station, asking if he was available. I explained he was away and the copper asked me to go to the station! I was a bit concerned, to say the least, but toddled off to find out what he’d been up to. The policeman on the desk handed me a soggy and very tatty leather wallet containing bank cards, business cards and a small amount of Jamaican dollars. He explained that a family out walking had found the wallet in the undergrowth along the lane. They’d taken it into the station convinced it belonged to a drug dealer (the Jamaican dollars!). When my son returned home he went round to the family’s house with presents for the kids, even though none of the contents of the wallet was any use to him any more. He just wanted to show them how rewarding it is to be honest.
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    Britain from Above 1936 - Ordnance Factory being built.
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