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I'm sorry to hear of your bereavement, Sue. Care homes are a big concern. I know someone who is currently living in a private nursing home, paying his own fees, although there is nothing physically wrong with him. He likes it there. Many, including myself, have tried to persuade him to leave and live in the community again.  Most of those in the home have advanced dementia and our friend never leaves his room except for meals.  I fear his decision to stay there may cost him his life. However, he has capacity and it is his choice.

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Margie is right. I keep popping in to see how you all are. Thankyou all so much for your posts.   I'm afraid we are not very well the pair of us. This must be the 'Long Covid' that we hear a

I really wish that more people were afraid. For their own safety.    I don't think anyone who hasn't witnessed in reality a person down on their hands and knees gasping  with a chest full of

Am in total dismay at the human race. It's becoming more like Mad Max at the moment.        This me me society we have created cares only about themselves: I'm alright Jack, the rest of you can f

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So sorry to hear the sad news Sue. Your family played a big part in my childhood and I have always felt very close to you all even though your brother was one of your older ones, and I didn't see much of him, I still feel your loss very much. Take care Sue and you are all in my thoughts xx

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Have heard tonight that there have been a lot of deaths in care homes in UK. Here it seems to have gone on the rampage, the government is making checks and inquiries into all residential homes in Italy. 

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I was deeply sorry to hear of your loss Sue.  You are in my thoughts.

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I went out in my car last night.


Having not been further than round the block in my car since March 6th, I drove over to my younger daughter's place 20 miles away to pick up some welcome goodies she had managed to secure from her local Aldi. In exchange I took her some Arborio Rice. She makes a mean Risotto. Mine usually turns out like wallpaper paste...

Obviously I didn't go into her house. I placed her goodies on the front step and she did the same with mine. Her partner also appeared and we all chatted from a safe distance until the biting east wind got too much for me and I retreated to my car and home.

Interesting to note:

Next to bugger all on the roads and little to impede although sticking to speed limits I was not held up by any queues at junction/lights etc. Yet about 80% of drivers still have no patience and mostly sat 'on my tail'.


I adopted my usual. "Wait.. or pass me. but don't expect me to break speed limits to suit you Pal.." routine.

Equally... many on the A580 'East Lancs Rd.' still feeling the need to tailgate on near empty dual carriageways with ample oportunity for overtaking. WTF?

GM Police have even put up signs. "The Traffic is Different... The Speed Limit Isn't!"

On the plus side, apart from a very few clear groups of adolescents, I mostly saw couples or singles out walking, jogging and cycling. .. which was encouraging.


To be honest, apart from seeing my Daughter and her partner 'face to face' (from a safe distance), I found the whole trip a bit unsettling.  It was a beautiful sunny evening, the roads were clear and I thought a change of scene might make me feel a bit better.. but all the trip really did was to reinforce the 'unreality' of things at present.

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It's strange. On the three (so far) times I've been allowed out to drive to the shop I've seen little to no difference in traffic levels. Not been as far as twenty miles, more like eight there and back so no dual carriageway or motorway to judge.

I think it was someone on here who said the car was doing three weeks to a gallon, in my case it's true!

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I reckon I could save a few quid by 'SORN' ing my car, suspending the insurance for a few months or whatever..


But even with nowhere much to go.. I'm still keen to keep my car ready and waiting.. 'for emergencies.'

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Just imagine if in 2010 you had met up with Doctor Who just after he had travelled in the Tardis to the year 2020 and back.

You ask him what it is going to be like in 2020.

Doctor Who explained it thus :-

I don’t have much time to explain – I have an appointment in 1836 so I will give you a potted version

The year 2020 is going to be nothing short of an absolute shit show.

You know Donald Trump, the star of the Apprentice TV show – well, he’s the President of the USA running the Country via Twitter and spouting rabble rousing bluff and bluster. He gets into a Twitter beef with Iran that almost starts world war 3.

The UK, having wasted 3 years after a referendum to leave the EU – finally gets out under the leadership of a New Tory PM who wins a landslide election victory over a bunch of Trotskyist losers who were led by a scruffy communist. You might remember he once had a thick as a plank, fat black mistress who by then was a member of the loony labour shadow government where she was able to demonstrate her maths skills.  The new Tory PM is a charismatic overweight lothario with yet another mistress – the first to reside in No 10.

The UK judicial system is a mess and weak on crime. People have lost faith in the police who no longer see it as their job to arrest criminals and spend most of their time on non PC stuff, trans-gender matters and hiding behind their computers.  Criminals are given more consideration than their victims.

Australia catches fire and to cap it all some idiot in China eats a raw bat which starts a killer virus global pandemic which kills millions including most people’s grandparents. Everyone loses their minds, 40% of the people think it’s the end of the World, 40% argue it’s all a fake and the remainder blame it on 5G mobile phone systems and run rampant setting fire to phone masts.

The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that the only way to survive is by hoarding toilet paper.  Andrex ultra soft damn near becomes the UK’s official currency.

Grocery supermarkets are raided and panic hoarding clears the shelves which adds to the panic.

Eventually, as hysteria grows, World Governments are forced to shut the whole planet down and lock everyone in their houses.

I’m not sure what happened after that - even I panicked, jumped into the tardis and high tailed it back to 2010.


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Well, two weeks into my spell as an NHS Volunteer Responder and so far, I’ve had a grand total of two alerts. One where the client didn’t need any help and had no idea why I was calling her, and the second where they got the contact number wrong so couldn’t get in touch.


Can only hope that this improves, or it will have been a complete waste of time.


Still, should hopefully be getting a few jobs from “Giving for Gedling” delivering food next week.

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Oh dear MD how awful.Hope if it proves positive positive that it's only mild. Take care.

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Glad you're feeling a little less rough.  Yes it must be very hard being away from your wife , hearing from her but not being able to actually see her and be with her. 

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