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Welcome to Nottstalgia Sheilastain.

Even on your first appearance you seem to have solved a major problem for us! Now we know that everybody in the Pownall family was called Jacky - regardless of their real name - it explains all the different sightings over the years.

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Hi Everyone Just joined the forum and was interested to read this thread. Jacky Pownall was my 2x Great grandfather and I have done extensive family history research. The original Jacky Pownall was b

I don't remember it but if a room in our house was untidy my Mum would say "It's like Jackie Pownall's in 'ere"!

Hi My name is David I am the Grandson of Albert Pownall (he owned the bear that people talk about) and my Father was Micheal Pownall. I am currently looking into our family history/tree and was r

I see were number one of 351,000, in Google search for Jacky Pownall :)

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His name was Albert pownall on meadow lane,had two sons mick and John,very nice people,Albert used to have boxing matches in the open air,on his property he also used to have a big bonfire ,and all the local kids we're invited he never forgot his roots,real good sneinton family.

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When I was about 11 in 1964 my dad used to take his scrap to a Pownall on Alfred Street South, up on the left hand side from St Annes.

I can't remember which Pownall it was but it was a small yard with a little office on the left as you went through the gate.

I went into the office with my dad to get paid and he had a little sign on the wall that I have always remembered.

It said:

Good men came and I did trust them,

They took my money and their custom

To lose them both did grieve me sore

So I resolve to trust no more.

Dunno why I still remember it after all that time.

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I remember being sent to Tricketts Colwick with bags of rage (sometimes some metal).

I recall them weighing the stuff, and handing over up to 2/6d a bag.

They always found the half brick a certain person had put in the bag though.

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Hi Compo
I think this is the one you referred to in your original comment

Back of John Pownall's Yard, Alfred Street South, Nottingham, 1954

I remember going here as a child most weeks, my mum used to do repairs on clothes for people so we used to go and look for good zips and buttons on clothing. She would buy them from there take the zips and buttons off then sell them back to him. haha oh the good times!!!

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Ruddington Grange is a nice place.

Been there maybe a dozen times or more for post-funeral wakes, both family and friends, and my brother in law helps control their rabbit population (with the help of his air rifle).

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