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    Ah now it becomes clearer. Is the 'plant' part of the name a reference to certain recreational pharmaceuticals?
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    It's not only crap spelling with me. I type too quickly and often miss whole words out and make disjointed paragraphs. Good job people here can figure out worram onna bout
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    That is correct, Fly. I think they mostly communicate on their phones using emoticons anyway. I see a more sinister agenda behind it and that is the dumbing down of whole populations. Life rapidly becomes a series of pictures and ideas flashed on a tv or phone screen. The ability to read slowly and thoughtfully about ideas and opinions is removed. Pretty soon the individual becomes an automaton blindly following video dictates or if anything is written it is in large letters of few syllables. The word OBEY! comes to mind. Someone commented recently that us old geezers will be able to write in code. If we write in cursive they won't be able to read it.
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    I was stopped in the street in Worksop last week by someone doing a survey on behalf of the council, questions like "how often do you shop in Worksop" and "Do you use any of the cafes here" all simple enough questions which I was happy to give an answer,she then asked me what was my ethnicity, Black African,brown Asian, black Jamaican,at that I just walked off shaking my head, she should have gone to Specsavers Rog True story
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    I met my friend, Jane, at around 10.10 on Tuesday morning outside Berridge. We were slightly early, so walked down to Brushfield Street. As we stood there, a woman came walking along and she turned out to be the girl who is sitting on the other side of me on the 1963 photo! She still lives in the area. The odd thing was that she hasn't changed. Just looks older! We're all now 61 instead of 5.
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    TBI & Waddo, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. You can feel that if you attend the Menin gate ceremony at 20.00hours. My wife and I attended two nights on the trot and found it very moving. Before the last post, a list of names is read each night (different each time), all British, I believe. Beekay.
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    Reminds me of the time when I was waiting for the manager of the garage I worked at to arrive and open up,there was two of Lymms Rolls Royce outside also waiting to fill up with petrol,one limo and one hearse, I asked one of the drivers if I could have a go in one,at that they bundled me up and put me in the back of the hearse and promptly drove off up Sneinton road,there was I trying to sit up in the back,driver and his co pilot laughing their heads off and the general public wondering what the hell was happening, never asked them again, by the way Old Mr Lymm would only have Major two star petrol put in his Rolls Royce's Rog
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    Similar setup last week at the QMC when the consultant was on his keyboard filling in a form he went through the usual questions then asked me my gender ? I'm sorry he said I have to ask it's on the forms. Where is this madness going to end ?
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    I owned this old Daimler in the late 80's - it was handy if you'd had a heavy weekend - just sleep it off in the back !!
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    I've often considered a DNA test, as with being adopted in September 45, and no official documents found, I could be from anywhere. Edited.... However, I was brought up VERY English.
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    The other problem is predictive text. Your spelling may be good, but if you intended to say one thing and the machine decides you were going to say something else, there's usually only one winner.
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    Not a very good day for me today, I woke up this morning hoping to be British and I find I am still a European, Bummer Rog
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    Lymns have 18 Silver Rolls Royce cars, all with a personalised number plate featuring a number 1. They possibly have the biggest fleet of Rolls Royce cars in the UK. The old London bus is used for lots of different events, It’s not particularly in the fleet for bus drivers funerals.
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    Yes BK, the evening ceremony is carried out every night by the Fire Brigade and has been for many, many years. I shall be there again in a few weeks.
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    I don't think it's wrong, it just looks wrong. I was always assured that I would suffer hell and damnation for all eternity if I began a sentence with AND or BUT. There is no rule against it I've found but still can't bring myself to do it, it simply looks wrong to me.
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    Sharp crayons BK, that's the secret, sharp crayons..
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    Thank goodness for the fire. Best not to admit the Mansfield connection!
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    Disappointing for some members today, as NO B***** pi55 up happening that was so eagerly envisaged ! Probably a couple are currently drowning their sorrows.
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    I’m with Jill on this one. Ever since Merkel and Macron started kicking off and making threats we stopped consciously buying German or French products in this household. I even got rid of my Porsche! We still buy from Italy ‘cause they’re in a bad way and need all the help they can get!
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    I have always avoided commenting on political topics, but on this occasion I have to agree with oldphil , I am what I am ,other people are individuals as well ,who knows where our distant ancestors came from. I hope to be pleasant and polite as often as I can. Leave the politics to politicians ,but politely let them know your views , often.
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    An advert on tv that really pee's me off, is the Available Car.Com one, where some woman rattles on about saving up to £9k on their cars. Your not saving anything....... The bleddy things are over five years old !
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    I'm totally disgusted after watching the live debate in Parliament. We face one of the most important decisions the people have faced since the end of the war and what does Parliament do? Not a lot. There are two thirds of the members missing, they can't even be arsed to attend never mind speak in the debate. This is not criticising any one party or opening the leave /remain vote. I see my MP is missing so I feel a note coming on asking why..
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    The consultant obviously had doubts about Catfan.
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    Hey! is a common form of greeting here, As in, Hey, how ya doin'. Bit like EYup,Duck. Many would think it bad English, but as y'all know its been common around Nottingham for longer than I've been around. I remember as a kid, Cursive text was called 'double writing' for some reason. Stated in junior school after printing in infant school. Seems like we soon got the hang of it. Never heard it referred to as cursive 'til I moved here.
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    That was me Granny
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    My wife had exactly the same problem with her PC & I suspected the power supply. Being an external PS it was simple to swap with mine which is exactly the same setup. When I unplugged her PS I noticed the connection was not as good as it could be, anyway swapped with mine & both PCs working fine.
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    Got any good Ganja man ??
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    If yer from the Denman street area I might know yer. Don't know where I'm from, me mam had a bike !!!
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    I can't guarantee this will answer your question, but here's 63 possibilities from old threads on Nottstalgia. https://nottstalgia.com/forums/search/?q=heathcote
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    No storks or gooseberry bushes in the Denman St area at that time I fear.
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    I can't remember the exact name of the place, but it's probably the same place where I attended the Sunday night folk sessions in the mid 60's. Someone will come up with something soon Jen.
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    I knew the old Mr Lymm and his son in law Mr Rose quite well when I was apprentice in a garage on Sneinton road, all his Rolls Royce car were ex embassy cars with the exception of the hearse of course, I was offered a job working for them by the old Mr Lymm as driver mechanic as I had done some work on their cars, don't think I could have done the funeral bit,ok with the mechanical side though,so didn't accept the job offer, Rog
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    This were my Robin Hood fave at Playland..
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    Fog and jonab..not seen of late...sound geezers .
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    I was more your Shirley Temple!!
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    Here's an even older wedding photo at St St Peter's. 1945. My father's cousin, Jean Bullough marrying Jack Sadler. The Bulloughs lived on Alfreton Road in one of the Victorian villas which are now mainly flats and bedsits. My great aunt Eva, older sister of the infamous Kate, is on the right. Next to her, my father's younger sister, Hilda. At 89, the only one still alive.
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    I choose my friends very carefully these days Plantfit but bad spelling and grammar will always drive me to distraction til the day I die.
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    Wondered why you has so many friends Lizzie. Does that mean you can't spell? Wrong smiley anyway you know I'm joking.
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    My wife owns a real estate agency and is a licensed Broker, she manages property for owners, and I can testify some tenants are worse than pigs. I've given her a hand to "trash out" houses after the tenants were evicted, dog crap in carpets, tons of clothes, bedding etc left behind. We then clean and paint the houses ready for the next pig to rent them. I have always, when I rented, tried to leave the place as good if not better than when it was let to me. When I lived in NSW, we had to pay a "bond", usually a months rent plus cleaning money, on top of one months rent on signing a rental lease. The bond was held in Escrow by the NSW government, any interest it earned paid for the bond agency. When a person vacates a property, it is inspected and if clean, your bond is sent to you by mail. Over here, the usual practice is to check on the prospective tenants credit rating, or if possible to get a reference.
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    Yep! As someone whose brain goes way quicker than my fingers I would be the last person to criticise if you read some of my posts
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    As a landlord my answer to the few previous posts is that unless you are a landlord and can speak from experience then you are talking out of your collective arses. The vast majority I know through various association memberships are perfectly sound but you never hear of the good work they do, it's not news worthy. Of course there are bad ones just as there are bad tenants but that's no reason to tar all with the same brush.
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    On my visit to the area this week, I had a wander past the old Player's sites. Paid a visit to St Peter's church. I can remember when this was full of higgledy piggledy graves, overgrown and ivy clad. Now, it's a peaceful green space but, again, littered with rubbish. Clearly, also being used as overnight accommodation. The west door today. And on 25 June 1949. My parents' wedding. 70 years ago.
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    Why hang your head in shame Brew, if there's sommat on your mind spit it out,don't matter if folk don't agree at least you got it off your chest Rog
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    Me Mam once said, " Don't matter who ya vote for, the bloody government allus gets in !"....
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    As on the above map, the former Woodland Place would indeed be between British Heart and Habitat. It's nothing to do with Hurts Yard which is further up Long Row. No idea about the plaque though, if it's on the left as you look through it would be attached to the side of the former Habitat, presumably they would have had something to do with it, the brickwork looks relatively recent. It only goes up a short way to a dead end, perhaps access to the rear of those two shops. It stopped going right the way to Parliament St yonks ago.
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    Yes, the Cloth Hall and museum is well worth a visit, we get that way quite often. The thing I really like about Ypres and Flanders generally is how much the locals like us Brits. We've been told many times how Belgians even today, appreciate what we did for them during those awful times.
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    There are half a dozen Staffords posters on the French National Library site , mainly Circus type . Makes you wonder how that came about ? Link here ...... click in the image box and another box pops up with image in it : http:// https://gallica.bnf.fr/services/engine/search/sru?operation=searchRetrieve&version=1.2&query=(gallica all "stafford") and (subgallica all "nottingham")&filter=dc.type all "image"#resultat-id-3
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