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    I'm with Lizzie on the spelling. My left and right hand co-ordination is not what it used to be; consequently, when typing some letters they become mixed up. My biggest problem is not that I can't spell but mainly that I don't proof read my posts properly before hitting 'return'.
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    If no-one was doing things like that, you can be sure there'd be people who moan about lost heritage......old buildings being demolished and old cars being left to rust and rot away.
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    Let me say right out I make money by buying and renting houses. I'm not ashamed of making a profit and I'm not doing it for altruistic reasons, I do it for the money OK. I seriously doubt anyone here would turn down a bank offering an interest rate that is almost in double figures so lets not be hypocritical. I don't know the area you mention so can't say if the rent is high or not. What I will say is a proper check should have been made to ensure they can afford it. It is counter productive to drive a tenant into penury. Most of my tenants are British, I have one Polish family and the same rules apply to both Brits and immigrants with regard to checking their status. So onerous are the penalties I employ a professional to do it for me. All new tenants have a 'legal' pack explaining everything they need to know and where to go for help should they need it. It is true, never withhold rent, it is grounds for eviction. If everything your neighbour says is true then it's not good enough by a long way but remember the landlord may be unaware if the agent is a lazy sod. Beware however of exaggerations, misperceptions and half truths I find a lot of things are not as they first appear.
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    Quite so. Jill is English, Rog is British. We got here courtesy of Italy (the Romans) , the Germans (Saxons) the French(Normans) and the Scandinavians (Vikings). Me? whatever blood courses through these old arteries, I'm on the bike again to make the most of our British weather. Along the way, I don't mind what nationalities I encounter, as long as they extend the same courtesy to me as I will accord them. Have a great day. and don't get wound up by the Westminster Windbags. Phil
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    HSR, I think there's a slight difference between genuine business dealings, and underhand, sly and devious tactics. I cannot for the life of me understand why profit is deemed to be such a dirty word. What is the difference between Brew purchasing a old house for renovation, and selling at a profit, and Siddha buying an old vintage car, restoring it to its former glory, an selling it on for a handsome profit ?
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    I met my friend, Jane, at around 10.10 on Tuesday morning outside Berridge. We were slightly early, so walked down to Brushfield Street. As we stood there, a woman came walking along and she turned out to be the girl who is sitting on the other side of me on the 1963 photo! She still lives in the area. The odd thing was that she hasn't changed. Just looks older! We're all now 61 instead of 5.
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    As I've often stated, I regularly watch Homes Under The Hammer, and have rarely seen blatant profiteers. Most investors just want to top up their pensions, reside themselves, or as seems to be the main bone of contention, rental. Most houses are in a sorry state, and it must be a blessing for the neighbours to have improvements made, and a family inhabited within. Most make a profit, but are fully entitled to if they've taken a financial risk. Better to make a profit by hard graft, than to have a tidy sum drop into your lap.
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    I've often considered a DNA test, as with being adopted in September 45, and no official documents found, I could be from anywhere. Edited.... However, I was brought up VERY English.
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    The other problem is predictive text. Your spelling may be good, but if you intended to say one thing and the machine decides you were going to say something else, there's usually only one winner.
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    Well said Fly2, nothing wrong in profit. Much wrong in excessive exploitation to realise excessive profit. A wide contextual perspective and sense of fairness are helpful...……………..
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    I'm English. Always have been English, always will be English. From today, I will be purchasing nothing European if I can avoid it, despite the difficulties that may cause me. As a protest. Thank heaven for Aussie red wine!
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    Not a very good day for me today, I woke up this morning hoping to be British and I find I am still a European, Bummer Rog
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    We used Lymms for 3 funerals (mum, dad and oldest of my 2 brothers). We had a beautiful old black (don’t like the silver) Rolls Royce. We had a lady called Jane who organised everything for us, in fact after the first one we asked for her. Couldn’t fault them, was a problem getting the car for one of them but she sorted it out. Cant fault them they were brilliant at a terrible time.
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    Lymns have 18 Silver Rolls Royce cars, all with a personalised number plate featuring a number 1. They possibly have the biggest fleet of Rolls Royce cars in the UK. The old London bus is used for lots of different events, It’s not particularly in the fleet for bus drivers funerals.
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    Thank goodness for the fire. Best not to admit the Mansfield connection!
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    Oh, I'm black as the ace of spades - bet you didn't realise that!
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    Where there any gooseberry bushes or storks in you area???
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    There was a review of these DNA tests some time ago. The results are apparently vague to say the least. Quote from Scientific America: ' They say where DNA like yours can be found on Earth today. By inference, we are to assume that significant proportions of our deep family came from those places. But to say that you are 20 percent Irish, 4 percent Native American or 12 percent Scandinavian is fun, trivial and has very little scientific meaning.' Edit: Just read it again and one lab failed to identify that one saliva sample was canine, not human!
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    Disappointing for some members today, as NO B***** pi55 up happening that was so eagerly envisaged ! Probably a couple are currently drowning their sorrows.
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    I’m with Jill on this one. Ever since Merkel and Macron started kicking off and making threats we stopped consciously buying German or French products in this household. I even got rid of my Porsche! We still buy from Italy ‘cause they’re in a bad way and need all the help they can get!
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    I have always avoided commenting on political topics, but on this occasion I have to agree with oldphil , I am what I am ,other people are individuals as well ,who knows where our distant ancestors came from. I hope to be pleasant and polite as often as I can. Leave the politics to politicians ,but politely let them know your views , often.
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    An advert on tv that really pee's me off, is the Available Car.Com one, where some woman rattles on about saving up to £9k on their cars. Your not saving anything....... The bleddy things are over five years old !
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    Front row 5th from the left?, cutie.
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