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    I thought Paddy Tipping was a name for Irish fly-tippers?!
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    The producers of 'The Saint' wanted a British car for Roger Moore portraying Simon Templer & approached Jaguar to supply a vehicle. The producers explained that the show would be weekly & expected a wide audience throughout Britain & possibly overseas thereby giving Jaguar a massive promotion & advertising platform simply by supplying a car. Jaguar responded by saying "we at Jaguar do not give away our cars! If you want a car then you will have to buy one" Volvo heard about this & informed the production team that they would not only supply a car to assist the making of the show, but would also supply another car for the personal use of Mr. Moore. Furthermore they would cut a car in half to enable interior shots of Mr, Moore behind the wheel, As a result the Volvo reg. ST1 received promotion & advertising that no car manufacturer could hope to buy & the model became a classic. The Swedes obviously had greater insight & forward thinking than the'good old British' establishment within the British car industry.
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    Never liked having me picture taken at school Rog
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    I remember a few years ago the company I worked for gave every employee a frozen turkey for christmas,enormous things they were,far too big for just the two of us so I called in at the local retired folks home to donate it for their christmas dinner, "No thanks " they told me "we don't accept donations of food,but if you want to give us the value of the turkey in pounds and pence we will take that", Gave it to the Sally army for the homeless,they accepted it willingly so thats where all my donations go to now,helping the homeless Rog
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    We were so poor we couldn't afford to heat the servants' quarters.
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    Double Whammy for Roger Peatman. Gee Dees own bus and Grains of High Cross Streets own motor.
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    Rob, I can go one better than that and it's perfectly true. When about 10 years old there were a couple of us kids who only had wellies. In summer you rolled them down, in winter left up. When they got too tight the toe fronts were cut off !!, then they worn like sandals. I remember having some hand me downs and I thought they were the bees knees, Black sneakers with studs, Great ! Until I got to school and some bird said " Why are you wearing girls Netball Boots"? I was devastated...
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    Shoes? You were lucky. For some of us, it was plimsolls in summer, wellies in winter. Not easy to run to the outside toilets in wellies, but at least you could warm your feet if you didn’t get there quickly enough.
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    There weren't any rich kids at my schools, you were posh if you had a snake belt and matching shoes!
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    Hopes were on Long Row as on Ian's photo, just up from Yates and before Pearsons. They were eventually taken over by a national chain as Ian mentions, can't recall the trading name before it apparently became Just Pants Plus, after I had been exiled to The North!
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    But rules are meant to be broken..Cake Sales for charity is a great idea..i do think we have lost the run of ourselves
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    Ok, so long as you don't bring Fat Freddy's cat!
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    It's looking a bit black ovva Bill's mother's!
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    As Lizzie mentioned. It's currently a Burger King. Note also the building across the road (now Nottingham Building Society) is also Hopewells.
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    Apparently the woman that owned the number plate ST1 did quite well from it.
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    I reckon that the only good part of Van Der Valk was the theme tune, Eye Level by the Simon Park Orchestra amazingly it got to number 1 in September 1973.
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    This means someone is in distress.
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    We moved into the litter bin after the quads were born and the paper bag burst at the seams.
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    Must have been when Compo was delivering my paper and milk.
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    Get thee behind me Satans spawn n talk proper!
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    Eee lad, that's rate.
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    In many ways 'Nottinghamese' is not so much an accent as a 'lazy' way of speaking. That should spark some controversy! Both my parents were born in the Meadows and ultimately moved to the Sneinton Dale/Greenwood Road area before marrying. Neither of them had a Nottingham accent. Perhaps living in Woodthorpe cured that!
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    I've not spoken English for years !!
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    No, it’s true, I speak in Received Pronunciation BBC English.
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    Don't kid yersen youth!
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    Catfan or a Freak Brother?
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    Make sure you have booked the "BROADS" and not the "B ROADS"!
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    And first situated here..
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    Hope Brothers, the mens’ outfitters was on the corner of Clumber St. and Long Row in the premises previously occupied by Skinner and Rook.
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    After washing the car,strimmering my bit of meadow over the back garden fence and having a nice eight mile trike ride I am now chillin in the back garden in 30.4 degrees of lovely sunshine Rog
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    Watch it missus !! She used to work at Gatwick, kick starting Jumbo jets.
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    Congratulations Lizzie, 44 years eh ! and you only get 14 for murder. Its our 54th this year. Had our Golden at Thoresby hall in 2015 and we planted a pear tree (Golden Pear), in celebration. Tina has a cousin who lives a few doors down from where Chulla lived and she often goes to Thoresby for coffee, so she nips into the garden to check on our tree. Our name is still on it. I'll have a drink to you today, Cheers! Barrie. xx
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    Mother in Law used to pay into a Christmas Club at Landers in Sutton in Ashfield to buy a Christmas hamper of Chrissy Cake, mince pies, bread, mincemeat, all presented in a festive box, usually used after for storing odds and ends.
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    Here's one for Ben. A Landers price list from 1963 The smell from the bakery on Woodh'us Rd near the Black Bull made your stomach rumble Image from ourmansfieldandarea.org.uk You can see the full listing of all their products there.
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    It was both of them, as Ford were quite pushy about getting their cars on TV. Hence the Sweeney had Granadas and the Professionals had Escort RS and Capri. Unlike BMC, who apparently refused to supply Minis to the Italian Job film makers.
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    We were talking about the lottery and I said I had little in the way of luck. Her reply was that I was very lucky, I got her, she on the other hand only got me.................. grrr one of these days my girl...
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    Yes Commo. Hope Bros was never Hopewells. In fact I think my Dad’s very first job after leaving Cottesmore School was working at Hope Bros. He hated it, never cut out for measuring gents inside legs!
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    14th May 1975, remember it well. Today it’s our 44th Wedding Anniversary. Can’t believe how the years have flown by. We’ve just been out sort of celebrating, had a nice meal in a Thai restaurant and a few glasses of wine and got back in time to see England beat Pakistan in cricket. When we exited the church in Arnold at about 3pm on 14th May 1975 there was a roll of thunder ...... bit ominous but all is well here and we still agree and smile at each other most of the time, getting too old for aggro .......
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    We have had a very pleasant day today, celebrating my Daughters birthday. She didn't want any fuss, just a little family day out, so it was fish and chips by the river at Bridgenorth and back to hers for prezzie opening and cake! it's hard to believe my youngest is 50 today, both my offspring are in their 5th decade now. Tomorrow is my sisters birthday, she is going through a tough time health wise, so it will be just a prezzie opening visit and celebration properly when she is well. Son is 52 on Sunday, so we are all getting together for lunch at Cosmos W-ton on Saturday, to celebrate the birthdays of us all, Daughter, Son, and myself,because I was ill on my birthday and wasn't well enough to celebrate. I think the bank balance will be a bit shaky after this week.
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    BK, We don't actually live in Cambridge, but if you could see certain parts of the city, 'posh' certainly isn't the word to use! As with most cities, once you get away from the parts visited by the tourists and the main thoroughfares leading into the city, some of the other areas house people who are definitely not posh...
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    I remember, many years ago, whilst I was out on the Henry Mellish games field in Bulwell they were testing the Rolls Royce engines on the P1 Lightning jet out of Hucknall airfield. The pilot, using the engines’ contrails traced out a magnificent ‘testicular’ design in the sky!
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    A 1955 ERF ready for loading.
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    Albion HD..grunting up Beattock Hill.
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    BRS'ers.Foden FG flatbed being roped.
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    Cheers mate ! Much obliged.
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    This made me laugh!
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    they wont be able to go out if its raining they would go all soggy All the drivers would be doing Norman Colliers act We would be better off with Rowan Atkinson
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    We had a cardboard cut out of a Policeman in a coop,,to put shoplifters off,, It got Nicked,, lol
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    Compo's done it again with the disappearing pictures. Living up to the thread title of "Things you don't see any more".
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