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    The producers of 'The Saint' wanted a British car for Roger Moore portraying Simon Templer & approached Jaguar to supply a vehicle. The producers explained that the show would be weekly & expected a wide audience throughout Britain & possibly overseas thereby giving Jaguar a massive promotion & advertising platform simply by supplying a car. Jaguar responded by saying "we at Jaguar do not give away our cars! If you want a car then you will have to buy one" Volvo heard about this & informed the production team that they would not only supply a car to assist the making of the show, but would also supply another car for the personal use of Mr. Moore. Furthermore they would cut a car in half to enable interior shots of Mr, Moore behind the wheel, As a result the Volvo reg. ST1 received promotion & advertising that no car manufacturer could hope to buy & the model became a classic. The Swedes obviously had greater insight & forward thinking than the'good old British' establishment within the British car industry.
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    As Lizzie mentioned. It's currently a Burger King. Note also the building across the road (now Nottingham Building Society) is also Hopewells.
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    Trike in front of the village pond,only two hundred yards to go til I get home and a well earned coffee Rog
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    Apparently the woman that owned the number plate ST1 did quite well from it.
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    I reckon that the only good part of Van Der Valk was the theme tune, Eye Level by the Simon Park Orchestra amazingly it got to number 1 in September 1973.
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    And first situated here..
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    Hope Brothers, the mens’ outfitters was on the corner of Clumber St. and Long Row in the premises previously occupied by Skinner and Rook.
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    Congratulations Lizzie, 44 years eh ! and you only get 14 for murder. Its our 54th this year. Had our Golden at Thoresby hall in 2015 and we planted a pear tree (Golden Pear), in celebration. Tina has a cousin who lives a few doors down from where Chulla lived and she often goes to Thoresby for coffee, so she nips into the garden to check on our tree. Our name is still on it. I'll have a drink to you today, Cheers! Barrie. xx
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    Here's one for Ben. A Landers price list from 1963 The smell from the bakery on Woodh'us Rd near the Black Bull made your stomach rumble Image from ourmansfieldandarea.org.uk You can see the full listing of all their products there.
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    Was it the Sweeney or the The Professionals or both where the good guys always drove Ford's..The bad in something British normally Jag's? early product placement? Do recall Reagan having a white mini in one episode.
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    Castle Meadow Road. used to do a bit for them when I was with Mayday; bloke called Keith McEnallen was the manager.
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    Then surely you mean Her Outdoors if she's on the roof?
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    We have had a very pleasant day today, celebrating my Daughters birthday. She didn't want any fuss, just a little family day out, so it was fish and chips by the river at Bridgenorth and back to hers for prezzie opening and cake! it's hard to believe my youngest is 50 today, both my offspring are in their 5th decade now. Tomorrow is my sisters birthday, she is going through a tough time health wise, so it will be just a prezzie opening visit and celebration properly when she is well. Son is 52 on Sunday, so we are all getting together for lunch at Cosmos W-ton on Saturday, to celebrate the birthdays of us all, Daughter, Son, and myself,because I was ill on my birthday and wasn't well enough to celebrate. I think the bank balance will be a bit shaky after this week.
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    It looked a bit busy up there this morning.
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    AJ- Alcocks, Mansfield coal merchants.
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    Paul: frank and i might join you for a stroll!
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    A 1955 ERF ready for loading.
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    Albion HD..grunting up Beattock Hill.
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    BRS'ers.Foden FG flatbed being roped.
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    Cheers mate ! Much obliged.
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    they wont be able to go out if its raining they would go all soggy All the drivers would be doing Norman Colliers act We would be better off with Rowan Atkinson
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    Compo's done it again with the disappearing pictures. Living up to the thread title of "Things you don't see any more".
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    Harking back to Compo's post..these fellas had a bit of slavver an' all... "Husband back on leave Doris..2 pints of Jersey then"..on the way up to Walter Halls for a match..i helped myself to a pre- match yoghurt..smarmy he was.
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    Told 'em...Oldham ,of Beeston.Coal Merchants.
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