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    Arthur Robinhood. Please forgive the Notts humor, which may not be understood by far off lands You raise some important questions, and will probably receive sensible replies eventually.
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    What!?! No health and safety, don't those chaps know smoking can kill you!
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    When was Robin Hood? The range of dates from scholars suggested-candidates is (late) 11th cent / 1110/1165 - Henry 8th, or (the main candidates) from 1170s - late 1300s/early 1400s. RH must have been before Henry the 8th.... The dates range from traditional dates of RH is (b) 1160 - (d) 1347/1374. It is said the long bow was not commonly used before 1333. RH must have become an outlaw before Piers Plowman of 1377. (Though it is suggested by Graham Kirkby that RH could be contemp with writing Piers Plowman and died after.) [Maybe also before Richard Rolle at Hampole 1349?] The king in RH is traditionally either Henry/Harry [2/3/4], Richard [1/2], John [Lackland / of France/Gaunt?], or Edward [1/2/3 / Black Prince?]. (The queen Catherine might narrow down or might be unreliable.) If sir Richard at Lee was going to Holyland then the crusades were between 1095-1272? (Though this is uncertain as shown by Graham Kirkby.) If RH was connected with Ranulf earl of Chester (as seemingly maybe in Piers Plowman) then RH must be under either of the 2 / 3 Ranulfs earls of Chester (1120-1129, 1129-1153, 1181-1232). (Though it is suggested by Graham Kirkby that a later historical RH place was connected with the earlier Ranulf.) A partial/unexhaustive timeline of RH sources/refs: clues date to (lat)11thC (RH legend)? {pipe roll 1186 (Fitzodo) rolls of viduis 1186 (Roberti(i) filii Odonis) 7 entries piperolls 1191(-7)/1194 (Robert de Huda) liber niger sicarrii 1190s (Robertus filius Odonis) Yorks pipe roll 1196 (Rob fil Odo) exchequer roll 1198 (RH) royal court rolls 1198-1199 (Robert de Hood) royal court rolls/rot.cur.reg. 1199 (Rob deHodelme) feet of fine 1199-1216 (Robert son of Odo)} *** calendar roll, pardon 1210 (Robert de Kyme) *** Major Oak c 800 yrs old ** {calendar patent-rolls H3 1216 (Robert Fitzodo); deed rel to mill of Wolseley, early H3 (Robert fil Odonis);} * {pipe roll of Sheriff of Nott 1225 (RH); curia regis roll 1225 (Robertus Hod) York Assizes 1226 (Robert Hod); cal pat rolls 1227 (pardon Roberto de Kime/Kyma); pipe-rolls 1228-30-31/1225-26-27 (Robert Hood/Hobbehod); 9 Yorks pipe rolls 1226-34 (RH/Hh);} *** calendar patent rolls 1242 (Robert son of Eudo) ** court rec 1245 (Robert de Lockesly); ** Halle 'Jeu de Robin et Marion' c1280/1283/1285; Statute of Winchester 1285 (arms/sword/bow&arrows/knife); subsidy roll 1292 (hostel of Robin Hod); {undated 13thC lib niger (Robert Fitzodo/Fitzothoh); Muskham chronicle 13thC (unnamed outlaw)} *** setting of ear ballads13th/14th; * household accounts 1323/1324 (Robyn Hod(jadis)); *** statute winchester 1331 (Roberdsmen) * correspondence 1324-1346 (RH's Bay); * Fordun scotchron 1377/1370/1341 (Robertus Hode); Langland Piers Plowman 1356/bef1360/1377 (rhymes RH); *** royal writ 1363 (archery, K Edward, sheriff); "there were no friars in Engl before the 14 cent"? May Day games ear 15th at latest (RH); "RH was here" Lincoln cathedral 1410 Wytoun/Wynton Orygynale Chron 1400/c1420 (RH&LJ); Linc Cath Ms c1420 (1st RH song); monk bretton deed 1422 (rh's stone*) 1st RH game 1426 complaint/petition to parliament 1439 (RH); W Bower revised Scotichronicon c1440/15th (RH,&LJ); earliest copy ballad RH&tM aft1450; a monk, margin of Polychronicon c1460 (RH) Witham chronicl 1460 (RH) RH&tSofN c1472; complaint to Star Chamber 1492 (RH); [Rolle/deWode] A lytell Geste of RH c1475/1490/15th/1507; earliest copies ballads 15th/1stdecadear16th; RH games late 15th&16th Alex Barclay c1500 (RH or MM) earliest ballad RH&tP c1503 Chapman & Millar's edition Geste 1508 Doebock's version geste 1510 printed RH ballads ear 16th John Mair/Major HGE/HMB 1521 (RH) Leland c1540 (Ro. Hood) Grafton chronicle 1542/1569 (RH) Copeland's geste RH 1560 reg Scot 1584 (RH/RGf) Sloane ms 16thc [RH] 1 of Shakespeare's earliest plays, lat16th (RH) A Munday 1598/end16th/1601 (RobEofH) play 1600 (gilbert hood) R Cecil 1605 (RHs) Camden 1607 (RH's tomb) Dodsworth 1620 (RH/RL) drayton polyolbion 1622 (RH) M Parker 'A True Tale of RH' 1632 Jonson 1641 broadsheet 17thC (RH) broadside ballad 17thC (A-a-D) Harleian ms c1650/17th cent (Robert filii Odonis) Percy folio ballads 17thCent (RH,GofG) Thom Gale 1635-1702 (RH, EofH) 1st RH placename in Sherwood 1700 ballads from 18thC (Robin, tinker, tanner, ranger) RH&LJ 18thC grave of prioress found 1706 Dugdale 1730 (Robertus fil Odonius/Fitotes) Peck collection RH ballads 1737 (RW) Stukeley 1746 (RH/RFo) Hargrove 1792 (RH) J Hunter 1783-1861/19th (RH/RH)? J Ritson 1795/1832 (RH) W Scott Ivanhoe 1819 editors note in Ritson's RH 1820 AThierry 1825 [RH] Planch 'Rambly with RH' 1864 Gutch & Hinklies 1866 (RH) H Pyle 1883 (RH) (Tennyson)/Sullivan 1892 (RH&MM) Encyc Brit 1911 (RW) LVD Owen 1936 (RH/Hh) Errol Flynn 1938 (RH) J Hunter 1952 (RH)? Platts 'Real RH' 1980; JC Holt 1982/1984/1989 (RH) {R Carpenter, Robin of Sherwood 1984; Somerset Herald 1987 (Robert of Hood) RH Prince of Thieves 1991; FJ Child 1997? (RH); B Green 2001; J Luxford 2009 (RH).}
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    I'm not sure if one/some of the comments are mocking/joking? I know that orthodox academics are over-/arch-critical of everything. I am also often mis-understood. I'm not in Notts or even UK but on opposite side of world so i don't know alot of local trivia (I do check everything i can). Thanks for the interesting (if not mock/joke). People are always complaining about taxes and beneficiaries. Yet do they ever raise a squeak about corporate shareholders who brag that they "don't work (hard) but [their] money works for [them]"? At least taxes are supposed to go to helping everyone, whereas linecharges only go into shareholders pockets (not maintenance as claimed/supposed/assumed). Some Robin Hood sources say his partner was Chlorinda rather than Marian. Maid Marian might be linked with the chapel of Mary Magdalene that Robin built in forest. (Compare Edwinstowe? Blidworth?) There are a number of proposed graves of Robin Hood including at Kirkby/Pontefract, Kirklees, Crosby Ravensworth, [under a wardrobe in a pub in Notts?], Loxley (Staffs/Warwicks), etc. I was thinking that there is a faint possibility that there might be someone or something under Major Oak (which dates to ca 1215 and could have been planted/sowed on/over/above someone/something buried under). (Though it doesn't sound like there was anything found under the other tree RH's Larder not too far away?) But the RH grave / Kirklees at Kirkby/Pontefract theory seems pretty convincing. Doctor Pope-de-Locksley claims to be a descendant of Robin Hood/Robert Fitzodo. Holmfirth has some interesting possible connections.
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    A chap in Holmfirth is a direct descendant of Robin,.............name of Billy Hardcastle,
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    If I chomped down on a hard tuffee, I was told to 'stop gronking'
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    I did a search of the forum on Robin Hood and was surprised to find there are no major topics/threads on Robin Hood, though there are a few on him. So i thought i would post a thread/topic on Robin Hood, though i am not sure i will be able to follow/reply it very much (other things i really need/want to do soon if/when i can). The idea is to see if we can find historical evidence of where/when/who RH was. People can also post links to RH sites. Now i must say that i am neither pro nor anti Nottinghamshire's claim and/or any other claim like Yorkshire. I don't want to offend any Notts fans. Finding the truth is the purpose. Also, it seems that there may perhaps have been more than one Robin Hood, so he may be of more than one time and place. For this first post here is a first bit on where was Robin Hood? (This is only an rough attempt to narrow down what counties/shires are most likely. The more/less asterisks the more/less likely. The list is nowhere near exhaustive/complete.) Counties/places that have connections with RH in tradition [and/or in scholarship] include: - Skye: Bernisdale. - Cumberland/Cumbria: Inglewood forest; Plumpton; Robert de Hood (1198); RH's Grave, Crosby Ravensworth; RH('s) Buttes; RH's Chair. * - Westmorland: RH('s Wood); RH's Grave. - Hexhamshire: RH Tree/Sycamore Gap (H's Wall). - Redesdale: Robin of Redesdale. - Yorkshire: (priory of St Mary at) Hampole / Barnsdale/Beornsval/BernardsHill (Richard Rolle); [church of St Mary Magdalene at Campsall (Gam(e)well?)?]; shirley Wood (Barnsdale); K Richard chased a "hart" from Sherwood to Barnsdale; church at Skelbrooke; RH's Close, Whitby; RH's Bay; Wakefield; Locewode; Doncaster; Kirklees; Kirkby/Pontefract; gold(e)sborough/goldburgh; Sowerby; St Mary's at York; Robert Hod (York, 1226); Saylis / (Blue Bell Inn in) Wentbridge; Loxley; Greenwode; Calder(dale); Plumpton; (cobbler/shoemaker of) Bradford; Greno Wood; William Tempest of Studley 1444/1409/1382; Studley Royal Park, Fountains Abbey; (lord Robert Dore of) Wadsley "Robert Hode" 1382; Robert (of) Wetherby (1226-1230); (Robert de) Kyme?; k Edward 3 parliament 15 times York; RH's Well; LJ's Well; Bishop's Tree; York "yew tree"; Guisborough/Gisburne/Gisbvrgh; RH Tower (York) / RH's Tower (Richmond Castle); Huntingdon (ridale/ryedale); Broun Robyn de Holm of Holderness 1292; [Heudnesse/Holderness & Ridale/Ryedale (Matt Paris)?]; Robin of Holderness 1469; RH's Park; RH's Well (& Wood); RH's Stone; RH's Bower & Moss; RH Hill & House; RH's Butts; RH's Howl/hole/hollow; Master Hobbe Hyrste, Robin Goodfellow’s brother 1489. *** - Sowerbyshire: Richard Hood Of Sowerby 1274 (son John Hood 1296-7). [- Lancashire: (slew a knight of) Lancaster; (passe of) Lancasshyre; ["duke of lancaster"?]; Wyresdale; Plumpton; (Guy of) Gisburn; Robyn Hode (during king's progress thru Lancashire) / Robert Hood of Wakefield summond to join the Earl of Lancaster's army?; richard de Leghs/Leghe in Lancashire; Townley (suggested Richard at Lee candidate)?; RH's Cross; RH's House.] * - Hallamshire (Yorks): little Haggas croft, Loxley chase. - Lincolnshire: Lincoln green; Robert de Kyme of Lindsey; Eagle Barnsdale; Odo the Crossbowman; Robert Hod (Lincoln assize roll, 1206); "RH was here" Lincoln cathedral 1410. * -- Nottinghamshire: (sheriff of) Nottingham/shire; Nottingham Castle wall(s); Major Oak / Edwinstowe, Sherwood forest; K Richard chased a "hart" from Sherwood to Barnsdale; Brunnesdale/brounesdale/brynsdale/brinsdale (Basford); Blidworth; Trent; Fountain Dale; Friar Tuck's well; Papplewick; RH's Pot / RH Hill (Oxton); Newark (Friar Tuck?); St Swithins church Wellow (yews); dungeon of K John's Palace (Kings Clipstone); Hodsock??; RH's Well (Nottingham / nw of Nottingham / near Newstead); RH's Cave; RH's Grave (Holbeck nth of Mansfield); RH Hill ~ RH Pit; RH's Hills; RH's Larder/The Shambles, Birklands; "RH's Stream"?; Huntingdon Street; [Miller of Mansfield?] *** -- Derbyshire: sheriff of Notts & Derby; deer; Hathersage ("LJ's grave"); LJ's Well; Erewash (Verysdale); Dale / Dale Abbey / Derbyshire Dales; Hodthorpe; RH's Well; RH's Cave; RH's Croft; RH Cross; [Hob Hurst's house;] Hood's Tor (Matlock)?; misdoers in Derbyshire "like Robyn Hode" 1439. *** - Cheshire: earl of Chester; RH Field; (uprising 1393,) archers 1397. - Staffordshire: Loxley (hall, Uttoxeter); Robertus fil Odonis; Lud's Church; Tutbury castle; Watling Str; [Robert Stafford "Friar Tuck"?]; [tanner of Tamworth?]; Huntingdon; Roger Marshall of Wednesbury "RH" 1498. ** - Warwickshire: Loxley; Robertus filius Odonis; Watling Str; [Guy of Warwick?] [- Leicestershire: Swannington; LJ's stone.] - Rutland (admin by Notts & Northants): Barnsdale; RH's Cave. ** - Northamp(ton)shire: Plumpton; Wakefield; Robert de Hood 1191/1194; Barnwell; bromswold/brun(e)swald Forest; Salcey; Willow Brook (salix, ~ Saylis); Watling Str; [Northampton Castle; Rockingham Castle;] 'RH & LJ' (2 stones); Robert Hood 1354. *** - Huntingdonshire: (earl of) Huntingdon; Barnsdale. - Cambridgeshire: (bishop of) Ely; Robert Hod (at Isle of Ely). - Bedfordshire: Thurleigh [aet thaere Lea]/Leigh ?; Knotting; [Ludlow?] - Buckinghamshire: Watling Str; Salcey Forest. - Hertfordshire: Watling Str; Sherrards Woods; Barnet(Vale)/(New)Barnet. * - Herefordshire: (bishop of) Hereford; RH's Butts. - Worcester: Robert Hod c1230 / 1234. - Gloucestershire: Robin's Wood Hill; Nottingham Hill. - Shropshire: Fletcher's Ludlow church; Hodnet; RH's Butts. - Wales: Rybyn Hod / Hodsville (Swansea). - Devon: Robert Hod 1237; [(John Littlestone of) Barnstaple]. - Somerset: Robert Odde 1234; Will Scarlet 1199; RH's Butts. - Dorset: Hod Hill. - Wiltshire: RH's Ball, Salisbury (Saylis?). - Berkshire: William Robehod 1272; Robehod/Rabunhod 1262/1261; RH 1230/40; Hodicote/Hodcott; RH's arbour/bower. - Hampshire: John Rabunhod 1272; Robert Robehod 1294. - Surrey: RH's walk, Richmond Park (Henry 8th). - Sussex: Gilbert Robehod 1286; Gilbert Robynhod 1296; Robert Robynhoud 1332; Robert Robynhoud 1381; Robert Stafford "Frere Tuk" (1417-29, chaplain from Lindfield Sussex). - London: councilor Robert Hod/Hoode 1294/1297/1318, Hostel Robin Hod/RH Inn 1292, Katherine Robynhod 1325. - Essex: Alexander Robehod 1272. - Suffolk: Robertus Robehod of Walsham le Willows 1283. - Kent: Hoodening; William of Kensham / Willikin of the Weald. - France: Robin des Bois.
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    Just found these on YouTube. Might be of interest.
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    "O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us" Mapping Stereotypes (Click on each image on that page to see a larger version)
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    1970 Duncannon, Wexford County, Ireland
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    Everybody's musical tastes are different but as far as myself and others that I know are concerned, the 70's were appalling. The decade started off with the embarrassingly awful and narcistic 'Glam Rock' and finished with the crude and aggressive 'Punk' era. Things got so bad as far as I was concerned that when I moved down to Essex in 76 I gave up listening to Radio 1 and switched to classical music. Things weren't all bad, you just had to hunt around for it, fortunately I got to know personally Trevor Dann and John Holmes from Radio Nottingham and Paul Gambaccini who was at Oxford University and editor of the UK edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Gambo used to be sent hundreds of albums from the States to be reviewed so my tastes became very 'Country Rock' orientated, there was more to American music than the somewhat bland Eagles at the time, Little Feat, Lynard Skynard, Steely Dan all spring to mind. On the UK front there plenty of stuff around that rarely got played on the radio. A memorable occasion was when Trevor Dann and John Holmes met me for a pint and took us to the Radio Nottingham studio to witness a live and very contraversial interview with our favourite, John Martyn. I sat at the sound desk with Trevor who was convinced the powers that be would pull the plug at any moment as such that was being said was very litiginous, in particular they were expecting a call from Elton John's solicitor, though I doubt whether Elton ever listened to Radio Nottingham! As for John Martyn, fuelled by a mixture of very strong weed and a crate of Shippoes Nut Brown Ale supplied by Radio Nottingham, he couldn't care less what he said about anything or anybody. A very nice bloke though, I turned down his offer of a lift to his concert at the Uni as I wasn't confident I'd survive the trip, bloody brilliant concert though, just him and Danny Thompson at their best. The 70's was a good decade for bands at local venues, particularly at the Uni, I can't remember everyone I saw, some spring to mind, The Faces, Curved Air, Vinegar Joe, Stone the Crows, Osibisa, Nazareth, The Average White Band, Chris Spedding, Loudon Wainwright 111, Gill Scott-Heron, Ralph McTell, Mike Chapman, Tom Paxton, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Captain Beefheart, Procul Harum, Groundhogs, Steelers Wheel, Peter Framptons Camel, Focus, Renaissance, Caravan, Supertramp, Duster Bennett, The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, Jackson Heights, Cockney Rebel, Ian Matthews Southern Comfort, Edgar Broughton and not forgetting Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, etc etc etc. I never saw or wanted to see any Punk bands, as for Glam rock, Mud turned up to perform at my ex's Derby Hall end of term ball at the Uni and to everyones surprise performed Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones numbers all night. Roy Woods Wizard appeared at the Uni and spent most of the time being obnoxious and spitting at the crowd. T-Rex were very disappointing with Marc Bolan in 'Me Me' mode, we nearly gave up on them and contemplated going to the Buttery Bar instead but couldn't get out the room. 1975, fine if you didn't listen to Radio 1 or watch Top of the Pops.
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    I think I've put several photos of West Bridgford buses on here in various places, but here's another:
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    When I lived in Annesley Rows there was a mobile fishmonger who used to call out "Any wet fish, fried fish, ki-ppers!" and a rag and bone man who used to shout "Ag bo!"
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    Still there !! Zoom in and move around a bit........... https://goo.gl/maps/uRSxW
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    Found this Link, there is a bit of Info on the Gedling Pit and what has taken its place. I hope you find it interesting. http://www.gedlingcountrypark.org.uk/heritage.html
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    I was thinking about the Small Faces the other day and it occurred to me that Ronnie Lane (Bass and songwriter) would have been a nice bloke to have had a drink and natter with.
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    He shares a house with Roger Moore in Bramcote.
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    I am having a lazy couple of hours sitting around browsing the Internet and landed on Picture the Past. I searched my favourite place "Gedling" and there have been so many additions since I last looked. I have come over all nostalgic, looking at all of those places and images of my childhood. This particular image of the entrance to Gedling Pit from opposite the Grey Goose, is probably uninteresting in its self to most people, but when I look at it, I see myself waiting there for my Dad to appear along the path. Coming home, probably from a double or more shift down the hole in the ground. Eyes all black with coal dust, Park Drive in hand, and a big smile on his face. Laughing and chatting with his mates. I see myself and siblings walking, holding mams hand on our way to the Pit Canteen for pie and chips. An occasional Friday treat. I see my self and friends standing there with our Guy, ready to shout "Penny for the guy" as the miners approached, hands digging in their pockets for their small change. So you see, that dingy old side entrance on Lambley Lane/ Arnold Lane to Gedling Pit is rather special to me.
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    Oh i don't know. Leave them for long enough and they'll start to hum. (I'll get me coat.......)
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    People saying its a bit black over Bills mothers.
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    Yes. Unfortunately it seems that he either cancelled or never had an endowment policy. His cancer was nothing to do with it. It's tragic when someone loses their home but he has been told for years that he had no case and even refused offers to try and sort it out. He's been a victim of this 'Freeman' nonsense that makes people ignore the courts thinking they can somehow win. Why his wife thinks they 'won' in court is really baffling. It was as clear a loss as us possible. Their no sense about common law oaths is pathetic too. I'm afraid they brought it all on themselves and gathering a mob doesn't make them right.
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    #24. My youngest grandchildren still say their times tables out loud but they don't know all of them yet - only the 2x 5x and 10x - cos they're only 4 and 5 years old. They see it as a game, trying to outdo each other
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    He's improved a bit since then. It must have been 2011 or so when I met him. I was with a band that supported him and we all stopped in the same hotel. There was a group of us at the bar including him and he was quite chirpy compared to how I expected him to be.
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    Blakeys ?? The only Blakey I ever knew was the one who said "I hate you Butler"
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