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    The cost of interpreters is a huge factor both inside and outside the NHS. As I said, my sister doesn't speak Spanish and, after her initial visit to the hospital, she had to book the services of an interpreter for subsequent attendances. This service was not free. She had to cover the cost herself and we should adopt the same strategy.
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    Quite agree, SG. If you fail to turn up for a booked appointment, a penalty charge should be imposed. After all, many people these days book medical appointments with the GP online and it takes only a moment to cancel it, thus freeing that slot for someone else. Just boils down to thoughtlessness.
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    I agree with this and maybe people would turn up for appointments, if not charge then for the consultant/doctors time that was wasted. Same thing at doctors surgeries as well.
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    One of my wife's friends works at QMC booking appointments. One aspect of this also entails continual booking of interpreters for many different languages, at £200+ per visit, for the many foreign patients who can't speak English. This is a significant cost which gets hidden. What's even worse is many of the patients then don't bother to turn up but the interpreter still gets paid!
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    My sister lives in Spain. Recently, she broke her arm and shoulder. She can't speak Spanish and no one at the hospital spoke English. Result, confusion. In my opinion, if you want to live abroad, the least you can do is learn to speak the lingo.
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    Used to watch this unloading of new Capris and Cortinas...whilst waiting for our kid- who got out of class at 4pmI relayed the story of 'the incident' that took place in'69 here...when we walked this Park Tunnel as part of a meet-up. When they built the Gestetner offices..it concealed this view from Derby Rd . Hooleys stored motors in the old church as well. No fond school memories here.. them Sisters..who have no Mercy!
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    That is an absolute necessity in my view. Not only to have some respect for your host country but, as is made apparent by Jill, to be able to live day-to-day and, should it be necessary, in an emergency. When I began living here I had a modicum of ability to speak French, having worked in France on and off for a number of years beforehand and, during which time the company I was working for gave basic French lessons as part of their work package. It is amazing, however, how quickly you can speak colloquial French (or, I expect, any other language) when you have to and I feel that anyone living in a non-native country has a rather strange insularity in not doing so. One of the problems the English have in speaking a different language is that they think they are going to be judged by their ability. They couldn't be more wrong. I would expect that all natives of all 'foreign countries' would be keen to help non-native speakers in learning the language. I certainly found that and remember - you learn by your mistakes. No need to be embarrassed if you get it wrong.
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    Great how we use the word scabby..real Nottm. Catfan tells me Roger Peatman and his crew had these and all running serial numbers..purring like pussycats...down at TBD...Bulwell ones were thrashed then?
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    When I tried that with my barber, he lent me his fishing tackle.
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    Planning an early night tonight; I'm having a lie-in tomorrow and I want to be fresh for it.
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    Sorry, Ian, I've not seen that film. I'm not very filmic(?) as, going right back to my childhood, the cinema would give me blinding headaches which put me off going. This was all something to do with the frequency of the flickering of the film conflicting with my brain - in a similar way to flashing lights affecting epileptics - although I must emphasise I am not epileptic, just adversely affected by certain frequencies. A small point is that I'm not affected by TV or films on TV as the 'flicker rate' is very much different from the cinema. I realise that cinemas tend not to use the old film and projector systems now but, I'd rather not take the risk. I did go to the cinema very occasionally but it had to be something special and I dosed up on the aspirin and codeine beforehand.
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    Dated 1931..at the old firehouse on South Sherwood St.Firehose drill behind The Guildhall.
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    He got an easy job I reckon, couldn't see him or hear him, could have been anybody. Must have been a bit hot in that suit I suppose.
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    Yes, those are doors directly facing the chip shop. Kicked many a football up against the shutters, that's before those swing doors were added, the scabby bit of partition wasn't there either. We used to muck about in there until we got chased out. Down behind those buses out the other end on the left were the scrap bays. We used to furtle out the wheel bearing races, crack them open and use the ball bearings for marbles.
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    This is a Mansfield record thru'& thru'.. I had no idea that he battled his demons concerning the drink..recalled that he was in Steelers Wheel..but i had my eyes on Mel..in the Staff Of Life. The long version..for Billy his ex- bandmate who ain't well.
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    Named because of the sand in this area...H&H pub quiz..circa '92.
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    Thank you Compo. One of the problems that we have en counted when taking photos through the window, is reflection of what ever we have on the coffee table, which is just inside the window, in the middle. At the moment we have a white Orchid plant, but Chris took the photo from the right hand side, so we got away with it. Most of our bird feeders and bird bath are just a few feet from the house, so our pictures will always be through glass. Will give the manual focus a try.
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    Drums and guitars all gone...madam has put her own stamp on our old forge.
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    That puerile, vacuous, inane, unfunny, callow, infantile Michael McIntyre (and tautology!)
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    This crowd's place backed onto Billy Bacon's field?
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    Quite true TBI, I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said "Don't believe everything you see and hear on the telly" Rog
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    This is/ was our first meet song... Normal late night at a town disco..'The erection Section' ..it was called back then...nice song..Errol was a gentleman..appeared at Intercom in Viccy Centre.
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    I think Poohbear is well up on Watmough's if my memory is right.
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