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    First time out today for a while,, met up in Wethers with couple of sons and Grandaughter,,who all made mothers day nice for the wife,, Grandaughter was celebrating her new job as a holiday rep and flies off to Spain to start later this week, Also bumped into old friend whos had the same Op as me,,we will compare notes later this week, should be interesting,, just nice to be out and about again,,
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    Nottstalgians are normal people taking an interest in what other Nottstalgians are doing. They wish each other happy birthday and enquirer after families . It's called friendship.
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    First Father's Day without me Dad & me oldest daughter turns up I'm gonna be a Grandad
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    Out and about in central Sutherland at Forsinard, Garvault and Syre: Ben Klibreck Hills around Garvault Red Deer stag More of the blighters Dubh Lochans at Forsinard. Translates to small black pools RSPB viewing platform at Forsinard reserve. Island in a loch Travelled along this road from Kinbrace to Syre for over an hour and saw not a single other vehicle or person Syre church Syre is a corrugated iron church, well tended. Syre church interior. I was the first to sign the visitor bok for 2020, which was nice
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    Excellent!! They and many other working folk trying to keep our world going deserve our praise. As I naively aspire to some kind of balance I am thinking that there should be a co-ordinated boo/raspberry/thumbs down for those who spent a decade wantonly slashing the NHS budget for ideological reasons, closing hospitals, A&E units, maternity wards, and walk-in centres . Also for demeaning and belittling overworked junior doctors, scrapping the NHS bursaries meaning new NHS nurses have to rack up tens of thousands in unpayable student debts; reducing over 10,000 NHS hospital beds and selling off £millions in NHS property to unscrupulous private developers.
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    I've just noticed it's 9 years ago today - July 24th 2010 - that I first registered on Nottstalgia. Have I been wasting my time ?
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    Goose Fair for me was more about the sounds and the smells rather than the rides The sound and oily smells coming from the diesel generators that powered the rides and the lights. The sounds of Johnny and the Hurricanes Red River Valley and Rockin' Goose belting out from the speakers on the Waltzer. The aroma of the onions for the hot dogs, the smell of vinegar on cockles and mint sauce on mushy peas, the sweet smell of candy floss and brandy snaps. Is it still like that? or have tastes and technology moved on.
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    I enjoyed the ‘Posts and Sheds’ topic, it lightened up what was becoming a rather tiresome and boring forum. Nobody is dominating the site now and the contributors enjoy friendly banter, much like Nottstalgia used to be a year or so ago.
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    46 Years ago today played football for Park Tavern united (old basford) against Kimberley Miners Welfare on Bagnal road ground known as 'Creepers'' we won 2-1....,,still see a couple of my old mates who played that day,,,i recall that day so well,,,because after the game 'Rushed'' back to city Hospital just in time to see one of my sons being born,,,the wife refused to wash the kit that week,,,tut,,,anyway the baby is coming round for dinner today,,,Happy Birthday son''.........
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    Mums birthday has come round again and as usual she wanted to go to Newcastle races to watch the Northumberland Plate, for for the first time in a number of years she picked the winner ....Who dares wins. This year we stayed in the hospitality marquee as outside was just to hot even with a big hat on, so her 102 birthday has been a lovely day who knows next year we may go somewhere different.
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    I've just looked at the forum rules. I was of the opinion that political discussion was outlawed here yet didn't see anything in the rules to confirm this. Not having a go at anyone. Just asking. People have strongly held views and conflict will without doubt ensue. The referendum was ill thought out and the campaigns on both sides very poor. Clearly the result they got was not the one they expected or wanted and had no plans for a Brexit. There lies the problem. Like it or not the public were told that out means out. No customs union etc. I can't recall being told of leaving with 'a deal'. The recent viral video showing many of the leading remainers promising to honour the referendum result just shows the two faced hipocrassy of these shallow self serving elected individuals. I don't believe a second referendum (why call it a people's vote) would solve anything and on the contrary would be disastrous. I doubt that a decisive result would ensue and we'd be back to square one and furthermore if we overturn the result of the 2016 vote where does that leave democracy. The whole event has been a shameful sham with the worst government in living memory, possibly ever. It's divided the country and made us a laughing stock abroad. There was a vote. In or out. Get over it and get on with it.
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    Another day finished at the office.
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    Reflections at Amble on the Northumbrian coast.
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    One of the first things a true audiophile learns, is that volume.. like size.. isn't everything. Clarity is clarity. Garbage is garbage. Turning garbage up just gives you louder garbage.
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    All to be read to the tune of Copacabana by Barry Manilow..............Her name was Lola (joyce) she was a show girl (lived on Bestwood) she would Merengue and do the 'Cha Cha'' (well bit of a jive at Padstow dance club) she was 15,,and knocked me 'Bandy'...........but along came Irene who lived on Gainsford,,,she was a mover,, i was 'Fickle' and had to dance with both,, And this was Padstow school,,just east of Bulwell...........lol.........well i thought it was funny,,,never saw Joyce after leaving school....but did see a lot of Irene........last time was Coop House 1999,,.........wallpaper dry yet Jill ?
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    If anybody is interested, and no reason why you should be. But it's my 54th wedding anniversary tomorrow, 4th.sept.
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    Been to Milton Keynes today so Paul could enjoy his birthday present from one of our sons. He, along with our son, daughter in law and two of the grandchildren had a go on the 'iFly' facility there. After the initial anxiety, he loved it, even deciding to have the extra boost to fly up to the top of the chamber. The instructor was excellent and certainly works hard. I just sat watching and videoing them from the viewing gallery! I don't think my back would have withstood it! Afterwards we went for a great meal - all of us really enjoyed the day and it's something we'll never forget.
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    Update on my follow ups. After a couple of jittery weeks I finally had my blood test, X-ray and ecograph, the next day saw oncologist who started to say X-ray was fine then hesitated whilst he looked at my reports. ( Breath held ) then he said that everything was fine. The shadow that I had / have hasn't grown in 2 yrs so relief all round. ( scaring) The best part now is after another TAC in September he thinks that he will finish my follow ups. In a way it's a relief after 11 yrs from the start. Severn yrs since the last termoblation. I thank all the staff and drs in oncology for their concern, sympathy and the capacity to make you feel well.
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    Been visiting dear departed love ones in Bulwell Cemetery this morning.........bought lots of Roses from Morrisons 2 bunches for £5,,, They were lovely and so cheap,,,so i also purchased some for my favourite neighbours.......Katy and Margie both on their own and in their 70s.....not forgetting Marlene also in her 70th year.......told em all its for a Happy new year.........think it made their day..........
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    Vic you seem to indicate that the Kenneth W Clarke in the court case mentioned above is yours . There was another report of the same case that said Kenneth was aged 26 ( in 1944) . This computes to him being born in 1918 . Moving forward to the wartime 1939 Register there was a Kenneth W Clarke , a grocery manager living on Carlton Road with a Skellington family . This register doesn't give any relationships between residents within a property and he may have just been a lodger there ? (His occupation does match the later court case.) Fortunately the Register does give a date of birth .12th Feb 1918 . I am sure you realise that given this date of birth it's likely your father may have passed on . Indeed there is a death in the registers for a Kenneth Walter Clarke in the 4th Qtr of 1987 in Truro district , quite a way further West than Bristol that you mentioned in another message . However the death record does give his date of birth as 12th Feb 1918 , matching that given in 1939. Of course this is all circumstantial , the "Kenneth W" in 1939 could have had a different middle name and the "Kenneth Walter" in 1987 could have jetted in from some other place on the planet and just happened to have the same date of birth. Sending for his death cert may give further details such as where he lived and who reported the death but there's no guarantee it's the right man . Good luck !
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    When I started this thread I didn’t really expect to get many other posts, but in true Nottstalgia style it went from visiting old homes to sculleries, people climbing down drainpipes to free meals at Chinese Takeaways and all things in between. True Nottstalgia posts, I do love this site
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    I think it's admirable that blokes do the housework, wash, iron, clean and cook. My father was very skilled where cooking was concerned and always insisted on pressing his own trousers/slacks. I happily admit that I can't cook and have very little interest in food per se. I detest housework too. Every now and then, I'll blitz the place but I would rather find more interesting things to do.
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    First venture into good old Bulwell since moving mid June,,,,,lovely atmosphere saw and spoke to many old friends,,,ey-ups everywhere,,, Bumped into a lady iv'e known since school and Locarno nights,,,she married an old friend of mine over 50 years ago,,still together,,put my arm round her and told her ''never mind'' she hit me with her walking stick.......lol,, Also went in ''Wethers'' for breakfast,, same in there,, all old friends and Ey-ups..............offered to Dance with another lady from my teenage years,,,but she wouldn't due to no music......told her ''don't need music me and you'''............Wife interfered and said ''just get me another Coffee''' Lovely Morning,,
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    Nottstalgia's team to beat the Aussies,, Carni. Great solid opener,who can sing,, Sue B can be relied on in a crisis Jill. Will punish,anything out of line,, Nonna. Reliable on any surface Katy wont hesitate with full tosses Margie Captain and good allrounder Mary wicket keeper,,always appeals Annswabey great spinner,, Crankypig loves bowling googlies Moodycow unpredictable,, Lizzie,,fast and furious,, Reckon they'd scare them Aussies to death,,, lol
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    Something to do with a slate roof tile on a rainy Sunday.
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    I'm pretty certain you aren't alone with that sentiment Loppy !
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    Thank you for your compliment Nonna. Wanna see a wedding photo? We've changed a little bit.
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    Oooh you're too kind Cliff ton, here's a more up to date one from last year, I'd use it for my avotar if I knew how! and Yes Margie it was hand coloured, I once compared notes with Chulla over this as we both still have the Kodak tints in book form.
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    That's exactly what I've always thought ! I've found that the older I get, the less I realise exactly how old I am. So far, I've never thought of myself as being old; I'm just older than I used to be.
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    Still finding stuff i had forgot about from when we moved last June,,,today it was 3 really old photos........one in black and white of the wife's parents from their '''Courting days'' in Exeter,,,found a nice frame for it and now sits with us in the Lounge,,made Donna happy. Another i dug out again in black and white,,was a Portrait of my Grandad Ben,,,in his navy days of the first world war,,taken on HMS Roxburgh,,,ive just read up about it and it saw action in the North sea off the Norwegian coast and the Atlantic,,where it rammed a German submarine,,Grandad never mentioned it,,,funny how they never did back then,,bless em. The last one was of me aged about 5,,,a Re-colourized photo in a fancy mirrored frame,,,i was obviously wearing clothes my dear Mam had made,,(she was a seamstress) they were all either in Pink or white even the shoes....surely they weren't the original colours,man of my Calibre lol,, Anyway all three are now in the lounge all together,,,enjoyed sorting and cleaning,,
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    Hi Jill. I went to Beeston Fields Infants then on to junior. Didn't stay long, we moved to Lenton then West Bridgeford. Born at Myrtle Grove then moved to the council house at Boundary Road. Myrtle Grove long changed and completely rebuilt. Nothing original. In those days we had complete freedom so know everywhere down to Trent Weir to Bilborough, Bramcote to Wollaton Hall. Used to swim in the Trent downstream from the weir when there were lots of stony banks. Water is a lot higher now. Also swam in the canal where the water was warmer from the old power station. I was a bit of a juvenile delinquent so always getting into trouble somewhere or other. Remember the old cinema in High Road. It was closed down then but we managed to get in and check everything out. First movie I snuck in to see Boris Karloff in a horror movie at the cinema on corner of Boundary and Derby Rd. We also got scrap cast iron and lead from all the places that were up for demolition and sold it for a bob a pound. Used to get 2 bob + for caddying at the golf course. There was always a ways to make money in those days when pennies mattered. It was a great place to grow up with the freedom we had and the safe environment. No one got really hurt apart from Johnny Wragg who fell out of a conker tree and broke his neck. Cuts, scapes and the odd broken arm or leg was just a right of passage and burns from fires we made to cook stolen potatoes. my Mum worked at the Prince of Wales pub on the High Rd for a few years and the Fish and Chip shop round the corner at the same time. We used to call in the get fish and chips for lunch. Mum met my Stepdad Stewart Murray (Boatbuilder) whilst at the Pub. A lovely man who died 2 years back and I miss him very much. Mum has been gone for 25 years. Died from everything imaginable caused by Post Polio Syndrome. She lost her 1st born Hilary to polio but she managed then to go on and have 5 more kids. Tough woman and never complained about her lot. Just got on with it. Her kids outlived her for which she was grateful and proud of. We done her proud was the saying then. My real father Jack Gilbert who I was never close to served in the war. I say served but he only did a couple of weeks before becoming a POW for 4 years. His POW camp was liberated by the Russians who too a year to repatriate them home. By then he had become a Communist and swore that the government owed him a house and he lived in a council house for 60 years thereafter. Always had the latest Vauxhall though. He worked for the council as head builder and was behind all the council estates from the 60s on. He never left the shores of Britain again and hated immigrants and anything foreign especially Australians who he described as wheelers and dealers in the POW camps. They always had the smokes and other goods which they traded in the camps. I left Beeston after getting in trouble with the coppers. Same again at Lenton and West Bridgeford when I got sent to an Approved School for 3 years. By the time I got out mum and dad had moved to Dad's home town in Scotland, Girvan Ayrshire. It was a good move and I never got into trouble again. WELL! never got caught anyway. I ended up in Leicester working as a bouncer at the Palais de Danse until 1973. I went to Brisbane Australia in 1973 a year after Mum and Dad. My life was okay but there was always a throwback to my early life. I could never settle into anything in life. Relationship, Employment and Residences were always short lived and the most I stuck at anything was 8 years of marriage. No kids and marriage for me was worse than the approved school. No regrets. Lots of experiences, more than most for sure. Literally 100's of each category. For me that's life with the likelihood that it can change at a moments notice. Tell me about you? Martyn
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    A merry Christmas to you all, may peace and happiness be with you in the future., I look forward to seeing you all next year.
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    Wishing you all, wherever you may be, peace, health and happiness this Christmas Eve...and a Miaawy Christmas from the moggies!
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    What a shame Firbeck excellent photos are now broken?
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    I too went back to my birthplace as I had done growing up. Then my grandparents died and also my two aunts. I had the opportunity to travel with my husband (for work) in that part of the world and I looked forward to seeing all the things I remembered, drinking Sass, walking the beaches on Walney Island, treading through the overgrown land of the bird sanctuary, beach combing , treading for eels , winkling and many other things that I did with my grandfather. But it wasn't the same, the streets were dirty, the ship building industry has all but gone, the coast was how I remembered it but it didn't have the effect it had when I was younger. My biggest disappointment was not being able to drink Sass , we couldn't even find a shop that sold it so we ended up asking the local information centre and (enormous disappointment they don't make it anymore). We passed my old house and I remembered our next door neighbours who was the local milkman who was always available for an extra bottle of milk if we ran out. Not quite sure I want to go back. Another thing was I passed my teenage years in Cinderhill on Christina Estate. My dad had landscaped the front garden with waterfalls and ponds It was really lovely but after he died and mum sold the house we were heart broken to see that the new residents had filled everything in and just left it wild. There were no words to express our anger.
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    Trogg, I know exactly what you’re saying there, a very good friend of mine (been friends since starting at Carlton-le-Willows in 1961) passed away 2 weeks ago after 3 months in and out of QMC. She did all the banking, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Her husband hasn’t got a clue what to do now. He’s been unable to even access their bank accounts and is stubbornly refusing to ‘learn’ how to cook for himself. Fortunately he’s got two daughters who are taking the initiative and working around the issues. I know that if I dropped dead tomorrow my husband will cope admirably, he already does most of the cooking and although I deal with all the banking I have pins and instructions tucked away. Likewise, if anything happens to him, I can cope.
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    I wonder if it is such a bad thing there are no longer any small independent pet shops. My vague memory from younger days is that they were often the kind of place where animals were treated like any other commodity on a shelf, and just stuck in small, unsuitable cages and inappropriate conditions. Similar to old zoos where you saw lions or bears in a space the size of a garden shed.
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    It's nowt to do wi owt , but just bin informed I've become a great uncle again ! My nephew and his partner have just had their second daughter today. They are a Notts couple, living in Bunny. So er' indoors and I have another connection to Nottingham. Made our day, so there !!
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    Ay up, our Ben. Nice to see you back. As for young Trogg.... get it done and dusted and get back on NS pronto as you will be missed.
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    Up early very early tomorrow morning. Pre recovery in Turin, I have to be there for 8 am. My son is taking me as he knows Turin fairly well and he knows where the hospital is. Looked on internet , it looks impressive. Its the top trauma centre in Italy. There are only 5 neuro surgeons who are capable of doing this new technique.. The hospital has an extremely good reputation. Hopefully I will find out the date of my recovery.
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    I couldn't work out exactly how many babies there are.
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    All good days this week. After returning from hols at the weekend the first 2 bags on the carousel were ours what are the odds of that happening? Then on Tuesday we went to the Rod Stewart show at Motorpoint Nottingham, seated someway back on the floor section we were approached by an official who offered an upgrade FOC to seating 9 rows from the front. To-day expecting the worst we went to KRCS on Lenton Lane who are authorised Apple device repairers, Barb's 4 year old phone had the battery replaced at a cost £45 and is now working perfectly. My 2 year old phone had a swollen battery which had distorted the screen I was told this would also cost £45 but in this case for the £45 I was given a new replacement. Might do the Lottery to-night.
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    Second leg ... SG 2 - BlackBerry Bush/Triffid 0. Overall aggregate SG 2 -Blackberry Bush/Triffid 1 Cut down to size with excellent scissor work and very thick gloves. Slight injury to jumper and jeans but will recover in a few days. Celebratory vodka or two this evening
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    Beekay as requested period pic of two toffs in a Sunbeam 16-20 round about 1914. Not quite sure if I will attempt this kind of body work as I don't enjoy doing that as much as I like the mechanical fettling. And this as far as I have got with rebuilding one of these;
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    I hope I was a easy birth, probably delivered by local ladies at my Grandmas Carlton house, I am sorry Mam that I couldn't wait just a little bit longer before making my entrance to the world. Another 39days and I would have been one of the new NHS babies. Bad timing there Dad.
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    Fantastic ………….. It's raining. After having only had 17 mm of rain in 5 months and almost all of OZ in severe drought we have had 20mm of rain in the last few days. Soft gentle showers that allow the water to soak in and not just run off. It's not the break in season rains but very welcome. It's amazing that I have tried to keep the plants alive with water from the mains and they have just survived and yet with the first drops of natural water they have all perked up and have their heads up and leaves open.
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    I wooden want to disagree Brew! I'll picket up from here.. I saw dust what was happening from the start, twigged immediately and was determined not to bark up the wrong tree. I'm determined not to be stumped by this and won't try to ply you with a veneer, or skirt around it.. however knotty... You deserve a plane answer... Oak Eh?
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    Taking the subject to its logical conclusion, you would have to exclude half the posts on the site. All the word games, all the music threads, black holes, jokes, etc etc. The other problem is going too far the other way.
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    There’s thousands of ‘Old Nottingham’ ‘photos available on line for those who want to view them. I can’t see the point in monopolising this site with material that’s freely available to everyone.
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    Just read some of the following post, I must say that when i fill in forms and they ask my colour or what nationality i'm am, i feel as though this is an infringement my privacy and i will never fill in this part of the form, i am no better than anyone else we were born for one thing and that was to keep the world spinning with production. Asking people about their gender/race/age/colour of skin, is just another c?????? by governments they ask you one thing then change their minds, as they told us all about equal opportunity's if they ask question's as above how can this be equal opp's, I am me, no better than any one else on this planet but i will draw the line at having to touch my forehead of curtsy to any body no-matter who they are, when i read some comments it's no wonder that we have wars. EX Richard the lion heart fighting Muslims when ever it was, live and let live that's me!!! Just one more comment i have an identity card that says and proves that i'm white as i was living in South Africa in the apartheid and witnessed some things you never would like to see or speak about, how humans can treat each other like this i will never know we are all equal and the sooner we realise it the better.
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