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    There's a new 3 part T.V. programme called "That's So Last Century" starts on Tuesday 8th December on Channel 4 at 10pm. The programme is about Gadgets and includes huge mobile phones, VHS Recorders, Walkmans and the Spectrum computer. It sounds as though it might be interesting looking back and worth a watch
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    Don`t know about new glasses. But I remember when I worked behind a bar for a while many years ago you had 'Men`s glasses' and 'Ladies` glasses' for beer. I remember going to the landlord on his idle seat in the lounge chatting up the gentry to say there were no ladies` glasses in the Public bar. He sneered and said, 'You don`t get ladies in the Public Bar.' and his mates all sniggered. I know. Nothing to do with new glasses but it came to mind. I really despised that landlord. All his staff did, too, and he was robbed blind. (Allegedly)
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    Like him or loathe him, he was an eclectic character, quick witted, intelligent and not afraid to say what he felt.....bit like some members on here !!?????
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    If price is not considered Single Malt Whisky - Glenmorangie Signet Blended Whisky - Johnnie Walker Green label Red wine - big bold shiraz - Chapel Hill The Vicar White - a waste of land that could be used for reds Beer - Guinness on draught Being more realistic Single Malt Whisky - Cardhu 12 year old Blended Whisky J&B Rare Red Wine - Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz Beer - Coopers Sparkling Ale
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    In the 1950s it was Tommy Steele and Lonnie Donegan, first seen on the Six Five Special. In the 60s: Beatles (seen at the Odeon); the Who (seen at university); the Moody Blues (loved the music and seen in recent years at the NEC); Rolling Stones (Aftermath album is brilliant); the Animals and Manfred Mann. I also liked the Seekers music. A guy called Philip Holmes who ran Kingswood youth club (Lambourne Drive Wollaton) arranged for them to visit the club one Saturday afternoon. They came and talked to us and signed autographs. I still have the autographs. They were such a nice group of people. Also Philip was a great youth leader. When the locals complained about the music at the club then in 1966 he moved the club to a venue in Lenton, the Monty Hind club/centre. That was great and we had as much loud music as we wanted! Happy memories.
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    Merlot Shiraz Beaujolais Claret Burgundy Taken in small sips with good music and even better company.......
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    John Lennon was murdered 35 years ago today. A great loss to music, RIP
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    I didn't warm to his political/peace stuff or a lot of his later music that was based on this ideology but when he was part of the Beatles he made a massive impact on me.
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    Wringer out for a one armed window cleaner Bouncer for Mothercare
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    When I first became interested in pop music, the Shadows were at the top of their trade. They remained my favourite band until the advent of groups such as The Who and The Kinks. This was the first EP I ever bought:
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    As I was only born in 1954, the 1950s were before my time but in the early sixties, the Beatles were my first biggest influence. Followed by The Animals, Manfred Mann, The Who, The Stones, The Kinks, The Hollies, Four Tops, The Supremes. From the age of about thirteen I was listening to John Mayall.... blimey there was so much great stuff, where do you stop...
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    #14 - I can't remember what I was doing this morning never mind what happened when in history. The only thing I recall is my grandad almost doing a dance when Kennedy's death was announced. He remembered JFK's dad and said the family were gangsters.
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    Spot on!! And both came from Nottingham.
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    Like the FLY Tompa, is that me going round in circles ? I sometimes feel like it !
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    Both had the name Alvin when performing.
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    I remember them well, but can say I only ever remember seeing them anywhere else but Nottingham. I can't find pics either, they were called metered pumps or taps I think.
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    Ladies glasses don't belong in today's society. Most women I know these days drink pints and more than me!
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    It's called a beer widget for some reason. Works well for cider BTW.
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    #14. Strangely, I can't remember where I was when J L was killed. I remember being vaguely shocked but not particularly upset about it. I liked George Harrison better (before he met the Marahishi - Yogi man) I remember walking into the Nurses' lounge and seeing the news about JFK on the TV. That really shocked me. We were on holiday at Chapel in a caravan with my husband, 2 little children and my Mum and Dad in July 1969 when it was the moon landing, which we listened to on a little radio. We went outside and looked up at the moon and my Dad said something like: "They're not really up there - it's a con". (And that was before Capricorn One!) The moon landing made me feel quite tearful because I knew that it was a momentous occasion.
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    I have to assume the negative comments about John Lennon come from younger members of Nottstalgia. Anyone who grew up with the Beatles was completely gutted that day. A part of me died when I heard the news.
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    No different to many other musical greats then, FLY.
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    The Yardbirds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y078n95ApA
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    Don't argue with DJ360 he knows what he is talking about, anyway most of us on this site are retired and don't give a sh.t
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    Its strange as I look back I was only there 59/70 but I remember more of that time than any other period of my life.....love to do it again.....
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    FLY, he's worse than me with this technology! I've backed up both our phones in iCloud now (I hope), thanks everyone for your help. I'll have to deal with the next episode tomorrow when O2 cut us off!
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    Never used an iphone but seems straightforward ? https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT203977
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    I was only 15 and working with Roy out of Beeston, we had missed out on the butchers bikes so Roy decided to walk to Stapleford. Lovely early summers day so he took me cross country if I remember right the job was on Darkey Lane, fit a Cannon Gas Miser. They were very good days and I was lucky to enjoy them but I was glad when he decided to catch a bus from Stappo back to Nottm.
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    Nice experience, Col. Paris is the foreign city I have visited most, and would never get tired of it. I have traipsed just about everywhere from top to bottom. Our first visit was after we had been married for a year. We went on the Bateau Mouche (huge glass boat) evening meal trip on the Seine - picture below. Cost us 5 pounds each in 1967 - wouldn't like to pay l'addition now. The experience was worth every penny (francs in those days).
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    Never heard of that one but it is possible because you needed them for Barton buses etc,walked from Stapleford to Trowel Rd and needed them on those buses back to Nottm... P.s I was back in Stapleford in July for a couple of days stayed with a friend on Kennedy Drive worked on that estate when it was being built,I walked around as if I was carrying .the tool bag went from Stapleford to Ilkeston and back via the canal it was magic.......
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    I've mentioned this previously, I knew the L Shaped Room as The Hairy Legs, cos it was always open?
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    Grass does not rhyme with Arse.
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    What colour knickers does Margaret wear ???
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    I don't remember it in 78 but I do remember one hell of a bad snow fall in early 1994 on a Friday night ,that was on a similar line, as it was totally out of the blue not cold or any thing it just suddenly froze and then snowed on what were wet surfaces (I had to go up Cavendish road knocking the snow off of the telephone lines with my mums clothes prop so the buses could through) there was a sort of earie silence as there was no traffic and the crispness of the snow under foot silenced heavy foot steps. I had to walk over to my (ex) girlfreinds house in Sneinton (Do you rember Lorna Mick) to check up on her, as I couldn't get through on the phone, and driving proved impossible.(only to find out when I got there she had got a taxi and taken her kids to her mums house.) It had melted by Saturday teatime and if you drive up Cavendish road the metal telegraph pole opposite mums house is still bent from the weight Inccidently the metal telegraph pole opposite my mums was the first one in the U.K. I remember my dad being slightly miffed as the British Telecom engineers woke him up to tell him the delightful news (He was off sick at the time and he must have been sick cos he was the type who would try to walk off a broken leg )
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