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    I am so glad my sister told me about this site. Having just moved back after more years than I care to remember I am by myself a lot. I have joined a couple of things at the library which get me out to socialise a bit but I still miss my close friends. Being quite shy I do find it hard to approach people I don’t know, I tend to get clumsy, tongue tied and blush. Don’t have the same problem with dogs probably because they don’t judge just accept you as you are. So this site has been a godsend as you have all been so welcoming.
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    As a newish member (joined October 14) I must say I enjoy this site. One thing I find (and perhaps it is just me) is that when I browse a subject and read the conversation you all obviously know each other very well and I do feel like I would be butting in if I joined in conversation. Don’t take this as a critism, it isn’t, when I have joined in I have been welcomed, even got some likes, perhaps it is just a case of gaining confidence on the site?
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    Exactly how I felt Jonab, Now funny you said about translating back and forth , I have a similar problem. There are many situations, phrases and words that I have forgotten in English. Sometimes the words come easily when I've finishing talking and I remember them but it's annoying when I've forgotten the word I want. Listening to us at home ( English practically all the time) we do add words or phrases in Italian because they are the words or phrases that seem more appropriate and we hear so often so it may sound funny to some . My husband and daughter carry on a conversation in Italian then revert to English . SG don't worry about butting in, if it annoys anyone they will tell you. But it won't happen. I have met a few members when I went to Nottingham last January I wish I had met more but I was only there 3 days. They are all special in their own ways and do really care if you're ill. So don't leave us.
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    Stavertongirl, I was a complete noob here in January this year and at the time I felt a total interloper into other people’s conversations. This very quickly ended and I was accepted into ‘the fold’ very quickly indeed. What I thought might be a problem turns out, in many ways, to be an advantage. I have not lived in Nottingham since 1979 – that was my first difficulty, no longer being a Nottinghamian. The second was that I have lived in the South of France for thirty years so that English had become my second language. I visited England last December and it felt like I was in a foreign country trying to speak a foreign language (I had reached the stage many years ago when I was thinking in French) and, for a period at the beginning of that trip I was having to translate everything said to me into French and translate any reply back to English – not easy when you’re trying to have a casual pub or supermarket conversation. While I was over on my last visit, for some reason now forgotten, I thought about Berni Inns so I Googled it and that’s how I found NS. I was a bit hesitant at first but I very quickly got into things here and I now feel ‘part of the family’ (I hope other members feel the same about me). NS has done me a huge amount of good in firstly bringing back my knowledge of colloquial English (it had gone a bit formal and textbook-like and seeing/hearing English on the telly is not the same) plus the ability to again think in English without having to translate into French and back again. Another thing is that NS has revitalised my memory cells and I am now able to recall things about Nottingham that I thought had long disappeared from my mind (and occasionally from written Nottingham history). Nottstalgia a good place. I just wish I had found it sooner.
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    Well really, I wouldn't say my house was that bad!
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    I have said this before to new members its worth sticking with us. I am not Nottingham born and bred my only claim was to marry a man from Basford, i have always felt welcome even been laughed at a few times but Nostalgians are a lovely bunch.
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    I suppose it's the same when you move to a new house or a new job, you soon get to know people. You are getting plenty of "likes" so keep up the good work.
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    Jonab, I rather like the sounds of Rosie. I never lost my accent after leaving Nottm in 1966, but I have had so many little Nottm sayings bought back to mind since joining NS. I only moved 70miles, but local sayings differ so much. Stavertongirl, You learn something new most weeks from our members. Hang on in there Gel you'll soon be hooked like the rest of us.
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    I've found that the forgotten English words and phrases have, to a significant extent, returned since NS. Regarding speaking at home, there are six of us here (four humans and two dogs). Mme is the concierge/cook. She is always called Mme (Madame). Her name is Rosie, I think. She speaks little English and most of that is swear words. Her husband, Philippe, looks after the heavier house duties (garden and building maintenance). He speaks a bit more English but it's a bit of a wasted effort to try and have a conversation - not easy in French, either! The other person is Thierry, my carer (am disabled and stuck in a wheelchair). He speaks reasonable English - certainly enough to cope with my visit to England last Christmas. The cleverest occupants of the household are the dogs. Obviously, they have a limited vocabulary but they understand both English and French.
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    Everybody on this site was once a newcomer. It's what they do next which is more significant. After a while everyone drops into one of several categories. 1. Those who disappear soon after introducing themselves and forget they ever registered here. 2. The long-time lurkers who obviously find it interesting but very rarely post. 3. The regulars who post often and who are known to everyone else. (aka The Bens). 4. The long-serving members who appear from time to time and then disappear back into their hole for a few weeks. 5. The nervous ones who gradually build up their confidence. 6. Others.
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    Stavertongirl. You say you are shy and it Is hard to go up to folks and join in. I think a lot of folks feel like that, me included, but get yourself to the next meet up in December and they will make you most welcome. Unless you have made 250 or more posts, you won't see the meet up thread, if that is the case, someone will let you know the details.
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    SG, dip yer bread mi duck, we all started out as newbies once, I did in 2012 and still have no idea how to post photos !! And it's great that so many folk have tried to initiate me into the dark art of something called cut and paste but all I can read is blah.. blah...blah ! You really get to understand the meaning of cyber friends, and I even managed to meet up with some of them occasionally.
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    Thanks, I really enjoy this site, love the banter between you all. By the way, completely off subject, I know I am home somebody called me “meduck” yesterday, now I know I am at home
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    Could have played that part Jill,, after all did get beat up on goose fare,,fell down stairs in pubs in radford,,and took all me girl friends ""up the castle"" if you'll pardon the expression,, lol
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    I have spoken to my friend about Miss Edge and he tells me that in 1966, when he was 15, his grandmother, Ruth Barber (the daughter of Alice Georgiana Strelley, took himself and a school friend to see Strelley church which is near to the Hall. As the church was locked, they were advised to go to the Hall to obtain the key. Having walked the short distance and rung the bell, there was a considerable delay before the door was opened by an ancient and venerable butler who looked as though he belonged in a Victorian melodrama! On learning what was required, he informed the visitors that he would go and ask Miss Edge whether she would permit them to borrow the key to the church and disappeared down a long corridor at a very slow pace indeed. Eventually, he reappeared complete with key and asked them to return it when they had finished viewing the church. My friend's second visit to Strelley Hall was in the late summer of 1971 when he attended a sale of items, presumably belonging to Miss Edge, who he thinks was by then no longer in residence. He was accompanied on this occasion by Caroline Isabella Fryar whose mother was also a member of the Strelley family, Louisa Mary Strelley, the sister of Alice. Since they were both keen collectors of antiques, they were looking for any items which may have dated from the time of the original Strelley family having lived at the Hall, which was not the one now on the site. Although there was some Elizabethan furniture, this could not be linked to members of the original Strelley family having lived there. He does recall that there were a number of excellent pictures, mainly of horses, some of which were by Stubbs. The pictures made half a million pounds which was considerably more than the hall itself realised when it was sold. He still has the sale catalogue somewhere among his copious and unruly papers! Although he never met Miss Edge, he does have a comprehensive copy of the Strelley family tree and believes that the Edge family married into the Strelley family at some point. Some years ago, I went with him to visit Strelley Hall which was by that time divided into offices and we also had a look at Strelley church which is definitely worth a visit.
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    I'm sure we would all welcome you to join in any conversation you wish, SG. The more, the merrier!
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    There are virtually no Nottingham actors in that film. Albert Finney tried his best but sounds pure Liverpool to me! His mother is clearly a Londoner and his father's from West Yorkshire, judging by the accent. Why bother with Albert Finney when they could have had our Ben? He can do the accent and, from the stories he tells, was ten times worse than Arthur Seaton with the women!
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    I wish you luck too, but don't think you should be posting her details on here. I'm happy to come up with suggestions of how to trace her, if you want to message me
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    I just wish I knew why they felt the need to do it.... if they'd knocked on the doors, they would have got sweets!
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    Fares? Where I live nobody pays fares, only me. On the rare occasion I've used the local village bus, I've had to tell the driver how much it was.
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    Hey Carni, I've got you beat. I'm 4 or five thousand miles away and I'm still learning new Nottingham stuff. You are welcome Staverton girl. I am enjoying your posts. Hope you stay with us a long time..
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    I realise this is a bit late but Albert Finney was dropping off the bus on his way to town opposite at what was hooleys car showroom. It was a city bound bus out of bilborough depot. Could have one of 16,32,30 or 62. Just to throw a bit in, I was an extra in the film, at the opening credits. I earned more in twenty minutes than a weeks work ! B.
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    Darren, I really hope you find your birth mum. I know what an emotive subject it is as a couple of friends have been through the process...traumatic at times...of finding their birth parents and siblings they never knew existed. You are very brave to walk down this path and I understand why you want to do it. Every success in your search.
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    Got thru the evening with no trick treaters. Shame will have to eat the sweets myself
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    Appen it does Oz ! I have managed so far to survive without a "smart " phone and have no intention of altering the status quo.
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    Itv 4. Just finished,, ""Pale Rider"" Clint,,at his very best,,
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    Stavertongirl, I assume you chose your name because you lived on Staverton Road in your younger days. This might be even a bit before your time, when Staverton Road was still being built.
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    Swear words sound better in another language.
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    Please remove if not allowed: ***Updated*** Hi, my name is Darren Clement Thompson. I was born on 29th June 1965 in St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester to a young lady called Susan Allen. She named me Carl, but when I was adopted my name was changed. I have found out that she was 18 when she had me, 5ft 5in tall, fair hair and blue/grey eyes, she is described as attractive and well built, a Methodist, was originally from Nottingham and worked as a dictaphone typist for the Royal Exchange Insurance (Assurance) Company. She was in the Grammar Stream of a Secondary Modern school between approximately 1957-1963. (Still to determine which one). She lived at 9, Middlefell Way, Clifton, Nottingham with her adoptive mother and father who owned a 'fish shop' (I'm guessing a fishmonger rather than a fish and chip shop).She was on holiday in Bognor Regis when I made my entrance into the world. Now married with 2 gorgeous daughters of my own I would be grateful for any information, however small, as regards Susan. I know this can be an emotive subject and I am quite prepared for any outcome, but I would just like the opportunity to know. I have had loads and loads of help and advice from people on here but there seems to be one final little thing that's missing that would put all the pieces together. I now have joined various Nottingham and Chichester based Facebook pages which seems like the way to go for now. Someone, somewhere MUST know something. I have my original birth certificate and adoption notes. Thanks for taking the time to read this and please feel free to message me any time. Cheers!
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    Next you'll be telling us one of those blokes on a bike used to work at Marsden's.
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    I'm following A.F. on a borrowed bike. My only claim to stardom ! Stayed a Raleigh until I was 18 and old enough to get a job on the buses. B
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    We have an hourly bus from our village to Ely. It does a circular route - anti-clockwise in the mornings and clockwise in the afternoon - and calls in at 3 other villages on the way. The bus is called the Zipper and it does zip along quite quickly as we are in a rural area. It's almost as quick as going in a car. There are always threats that the service may cease, because although it is well used, most of the passengers use bus passes. We all know the two drivers and they know us, too... it's nice
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    We all remember falling over as children and grazing a knee. Mothers often made a show of 'kissing it better' didn't they? Perhaps that was originally licking the wound?
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    I've heard that cat saliva has antiseptic properties. How true that is I don't know but, given that the pharmaceutical companies are now investigating slugs, snails and other invertebrate molluscs for the next generation of antibiotics, perhaps it's not so unlikely?
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    The last time I flew Al Italia, admittedly a few years ago, the captain came out of the cockpit, wearing his Ray Bans, and lit up a cigarette in the main cabin. I do realise that the Italians do things in a cavalier way and maybe the first officer was sitting in the right hand seat ready to take over from the autopilot should it have been necessary. I never flew with that outfit again!
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    Another one making me feel old ! All the buses you mention, especially open end ones would display 'city' when going into town. The 7 would be coming from bulwell via cinderhill road. B.
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    Enjoyed seeing some "sick" songs but they aren't. There are many songs I like that are sad like C&W songs. It brought to mind a couple of Italian songs. One called Piange al telefono , an estranged father tries to phone his wife and his daughter answers the phone saying that when a man calls and asks for her, tell him I'm not at home. The singer Domenico Modungno goes on to ask his daughter about school etc. His daughter has never seen him so doesn't know who he is. He cries and daughter asks why he's crying. It's very sad. Another one is a bit silly but I love it. " Lu Grillo e la Luna" the grasshopper and the moon. Sung by the same singer but in Sicilian. The grasshopper sees the moon every night and falls in love with it. The moon says " Come to me , look how beautiful I am, come and I'll hug you" so the grasshopper jumps in the water and drowns but the song goes on. A bit babyish I know but sung in Sicilian it's very emotional. I know I'm soft.
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    The route you are referring to would be the no.13, which ran from the city via alfreton road, over bobbers mill, up aspley lane, left on western boulevard then right on beechdale road and finished up on glaisdale drive. This route could be mixed with the 56, & 60. Cor! Its all coming back to me. This Nottstalgia is addictive. Take care Jill, Barrie.x
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    I say, young man! I cannot understand a word you are uttering but it would appear to me that you have an unfortunate speech impediment and would do better to keep your trap shut!
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    Just got round to reading your post DAVIDW it take's a lot to upset me I have a very board back, I just like the discussion that we have, I would never take offence, its just good old banter.
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    Must admit most time I find TV not very interesting but "Killing Eve" is excellent and I don't fall asleep halfway through, the look in her eyes of Jody Comer when she is just about to kill someone makes her look like she really is enjoying killing, Her acting is brilliant I would not like to be coming home on a dark night and find her waiting for me.
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    Paul O'Gradys Love of Dogs returned tonight for a new series. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I love programmes about animal welfare etc. There really are some kind folks out there, but I'm afraid some utterly cruel barstewards too !
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    Wendy must wonder about you lot. Her enquiry went from Emily Mary Edge, to a limerick to a painting! And we're still on page 1.
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    Buy newspapers in bulk before a price increase...
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    If somebody taps on my window tonight I’ll poo mesen. I live in a second floor flat!
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    Was looking at Google Maps the other day Margie and recalling how I used to get off the A1M at Balby in Doncaster and get a bus from the 'Winning Post' pub into the centre, then another bus out to Hatfield to see the lovely Jenny. Open All Hours was filmed in the back streets along that road and it seems that the 'Arkwright' store is still there. Lister Street Balby.
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    Ummmmmm ................... Get some malt extract down you!
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    I watch Doctors, Neighbours, Eastenders, Holby City and Casualty.... what does that make me? I often read Nottstalgia posts at the same time as watching soaps though - I'm able to multitask!
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    A great film, and so typical of the era and area !
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