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    I'm not sure how old Dick was but not a big age for sure. Mid to late 60's I guess. He was quiet liked a drink and smoked too much although he'd stopped smoking shortly before he became ill and checked out. He'd always chat when I saw him in the Pheasant especially about computer programming. Nice chap. I respected him as he did very well for himself as he came here as a penny less refugee. Next door to at No 4 was a small woman who lived with a tall chap who I believe was her brother or some relation. Never knew her name and we always referred to her as lipstick as she always had bright Crimson lips. One very windy day I happened to be looking out the front window. This was pre wheely bin times when you had a plastic 'drum' bin with a lightweight lid that clipped on. Anyway my bin blew over and the lid went rolling down the drive which as you may recall was very steep. Suddenly from seemingly nowhere, lipstick shot out, scooped up my bin lid and disappeared in her house with my lid. Later that day I knocked on her door and asked if I could have my bin lid she had kindly rescued. Denied flat out having it and slammed the door and refused to answer again. That evening I climbed her fence and retrieved my bin lid from outside her back door. Very odd. I loved living there. From upstairs front I could see Bestwood Lodge and beyond, Shipstones Star brewery with its illuminated red star and from the back Wollaton Hall perched on the Hill with the string of yellow street lights along the ring road at night. Perhaps not exactly a bella vista with rolling hills and a sea view but I loved it. Mr Fish at number 8 eventually passed away and the new neighbours let their trees grow out of control and the rear view largely went. We regularly had a fox and badgers in the garden as there was a badger set in the steep banking behind us where the land fell away to the old Woodyard. The garden was surprisingly large and south facing so I summer we got the sunrise to the left and setting to the right. For various reasons over time the once lovely street became a shaddow of its former self and the area had numerous shootings and the drug squad raided a house on the Crescent that had been rented so we decided to leave. I was sad to go. From the garden I could see the roof of the house I'd been born in no more than 100 yards away but the Radford of my youth had evaporated but that's progress. Or maybe not.
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    My claim to fame with Nottingham castle was that I had two paintings hanging in there as part of an exhibition of art from Coal board employees. Sometime in the eighties. Beekay.
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    The only black hole that concerns me, is the one in my bank account !
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    Just thought DJ you got shoes on right feet & to be honest mate I think I'd be sacking your two dentists off. But to all of you, get well soon X
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    Just parted the blinds and it's p?????? down what a day still at least i'm still here.
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    You got talking cats Jill? blimey,You could earn some money with those!.
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    Crumbs, all this is above my head. I got 13% in my Physics O Level mock exam (53 years ago mind) Sir made me drop it
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    I knew I was asking for it. Lol. There's a guy on the organ forum I'm on chose the login name....Myorgan....He should have known what he was letting himself in for. Edited to add....Carni.. Physio is fine but in your case it does sound like it agravated some issues and at that point I think you have a right to say, Enough! In my case they are trying to rebuild the muscle -- brain connection. I wouldn't say I'm in pain. Just some discomfort frm working muscles that may not have done much for quite while. Wishing you well meduck.
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    Which moggie told you that then?
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    My daughter-in-law has been Vegan for a couple of years, plus she hasn’t drunk cow’s milk for several years. It’s difficult to have a reasoned discussion with her about her chosen diet, plus she’s from Czech Republic and is a bit ‘in yer face’ with her ideas, for instance she refuses to get the child vaccinated. She’s a yoga teacher and in fantastic shape but what I don’t and will never agree with is that she’s bringing our granddaughter up as Vegan. The little one is nearly 6 and quite tiny compared to her contemporaries. I just hope she’s getting the protein needed to grow big and strong. Difficult as it is for me, I won’t get involved, I know there’s no mileage in that
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    Lizzie was interested in your dil not drinking cows milk. Neither does my daughter but she has problems. She has to control her diet. For years she suffered with being overweight. Various diets from a number of Dcs didn't work so eventually she took all her exams etc to a specialist who looked at her record . One by one he said " nothing there" but take the whole lot together and discovered that she was border line diabetic. She produces too much cortisol. He put her on a strict regime. Plenty of physical exercise and eliminated quite a few foods including cows milk and foods that contained milk such as ham. This way she has managed her life like this but does feel better . If she happens to eat or drink something she shouldn't her hands get swollen and she feels out of sorts. She had her regular checkup recently and she's been told to up her exercise regime. With running and cooking in her restaurant she has little time to go to classes. She does yoga and has a tapis roulant ( treadmill) and now she's just bought a spinning bike. Immunising children is a great debate here at the moment because like your dil mothers don't want their children immunized, I think they're making the biggest mistake of their lives. Being vegan is a choice but eating sensibly is what makes you healthy. I've reduced a lot of things from my diet such as red meat. I got some lamb from the freezer to eat yesterday and couldn't eat it . The dogs had it this morning. It's not that I've given up meat it's just that I don't eat it. If it was served to me at friends I would eat it out of politeness. It's worrying what illnesses the future generations will be bound to have. But maybe that's the idea of an older generation.
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    Just got up, made a cup of tea and opened door to let boys out. They both peered out the door, Kai immediately laid down, Wolf ventured over threshold, looked round, sighed (no walk today) and then came back in. They were back in front room stretched out before I had picked my cup up. Bet if I got the leads they would go out rain or not although they are not keen on strong winds. Looks like another day of squeaky chickens, throwing a tennis ball about and belly rubs (the boys not me!).
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    Me to Lizzie, I'm sure there is things you do not even need to know or even think about, give yourself headache.
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    But it's warmer rain down south!
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    I'm going back to the very early 1980s, before all the alterations at St Stephen's. I do recall now you mention it that there were two children. I don't think I was ever aware of where the family lived though. The church was going through a period of transition and things were getting too modern for me so I departed! Like it says, I'm a Mediaevalist
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    Good luck DJ, You are certainly putting your time and money into saving that tooth, not to mention all the pain while you are trying. I hope it can be saved after all your effort, and especially in time for your Mehiko visit. Thanks for your concern, and good to know your physio is doing some good on your knees. I will definitely be seeing the doc again, now I know the physio shouldn't be so painful. I wouldn't mind........if it was helping. Hope this is correct. Felices Fiestas DJ.
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    They use liquid nitrogen in bulky concrete pours to give a more consistent batch, as the chemical reaction of cement creates heat, the LN will effectively let the concrete cure more evenly ( simplified). One example where it would have been useful would have been in the construction of the Hoover dam. But I don't think the idea was around then.
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    Carni, I do hope your shoulder gets better soon. I can't talk about shoulders, but I do have a couple of dodgy knees and the object of physio with them is to strengthen the muscles around the joint to support and control it better. It does seem to work. Don't ask me what exercises would be required though.
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    Ooo you really do like living on the edge Fly....
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    Carni, maybe the arthritic shoulder is due to the constant lifting of heavy cakes..... Only joking. My thoughts are with you .
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    The painting above posted by Enigma is Goose Fair. It depicts the fair when it was held on the market square and you can see the clock of the old exchange building peeping through. It's by Arthur Spooner and was commissioned by someone with plenty of cash. Spooner as a joke painted the policeman as a likeness of the man who had commissioned it. One of my favourites.
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    I'm a bit surprised this even exists. Apparently there are 724 paintings in Nottingham Castle. Here's all of them, so Nonna might be able to recognise the one in question. https://www.artuk.org/discover/artworks/search/venue:nottingham-castle-museum-and-art-gallery-3625/page/1
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    Not "Whats in your wallet"? but,"Whats in your drawers?" no not them drawers the kitchen drawer, we all have a drawer in the kitchen that we keep all sorts of crap things in, I remember my grandmother used to keep paper bags in the drawer that was built into the kitchen table, this was in the 50's/60's so I suppose living in hard times encouraged saving them sorts of things, we have a drawer in the kitchen that seems to be the de fault drawer for anything and everything, spare batteries,small torch, various pens, old car keys I no longer have the car they fit, piece of string, elastic bands,cigarette lighters, spare refill for the pens,four rulers, packet of 7mm cable clips? passport photo (don't have a passport),five rolls of selotape,roll of masking tape? tape measure (26ft) Araldite epoxy,box of staples,compass, boot laces,the bloody list is endless,now where did I put that crash helmet? Rog
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